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  1. Emma Watson
    Emma Watson
    25 Aug 2015

    I have not seen better Google map integration then this ever. Marker clustering is one hell of a useful feature when you have a huge directory with thousands of listings on map. Ability for the listing submitter to select street view map is an icing on the already yummy cake!

  2. jeniffer
    25 Aug 2015

    I will only say this is the best hotels directory theme, period!

    1. Angelina Jolie
      Angelina Jolie
      25 Aug 2015

      Beauty for me is as an admin i have control over EVERYTHING, The whole theme is widget ready so that makes it easy for me to display the elemnts which i want to display. Just drag and drop the widgets and i am done. I must say this is one well thought out product as a whole, m lovin it!