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Anping Deyi Metal Composites Co.,Ltd. is the first specialized manufacturer of new technology of powder pendulum. It is a kind of scientific and technological enterprise. The company integrates scientific research and production as one. With independent research and development of a number of intellectual property patents and special technology, its new materials, new technology, new technologies, new products can be divided into the following categories:

First, the energy saving materials near the net materials and products;
The company developed the bimetallic sliding bearing powder rolling technology, the end of the existing sintered bimetallic sliding bearing by the rough forming material to remove the processing method, into a fine, high quality, efficient, lightweight, low-cost near net shape Processing technology to achieve:
(1) radial plain bearings;
(2) thrust sliding bearings;
(3) radial thrust and thrust push bearings;
(4) special shape sliding bearings;
(5) solid lubricating sliding bearings and so on.
Five kinds of bearing steel and copper-based alloy utilization rate reached nearly one hundred percent.
For the industry to add a piece of material, energy-saving sintered bimetallic plain bearings of the net or approximate net shape (Net shape or near shape) manufacturing methods.

Second, environmental protection and energy saving sliding oil-free self-lubricating bearing material products;
China is already the world’s automobile production power, in order to keep up with the pace of development of the national manufacturing industry, to create China’s independent knowledge
Property of the self-lubricating car mold standard parts of China’s auto industry to make their own pieces of accessories. Our research and development of patented products is China’s high-tech products catalog 2006-2020 02030024 of the high-tech products:
(1) automotive mold oil-free self-lubricating composite metal plate () China utility model patents;
(2) Automobile mold self-lubricating composite metal bump V-shaped guide plate manufacturing method, China’s invention patent, to replace the existing domestic and foreign huge amount of the overall casting pieces Inlaid graphite column self-lubricating guide plate, wedge, Block, L-type guide plate and other automotive mold standard parts.

Third, the powder pendulum of new technology and technology of mechanical structure parts;
Powder metallurgy products from a wide range of applications, from general machinery to precision instruments; from hardware to large machinery; from the electronics industry to the motor manufacturing; from the civilian industry to the military industry; from the general technology to cutting-edge high-tech, can see Powder metallurgy process of the figure. However, the current production of powder metallurgy products are mostly low density of the general structural parts (except hot forging).
We use the advantages of powder pendulum professional, the traditional powder metallurgy technology and precision rolling technology combined with the technology to low cost and high production efficiency to achieve mass production of high quality, high precision, high density, Complex shape of the structural parts, the relative density of ≥ 98%.

Fourth, to achieve energy-saving materials near the net materials and products of special rolling equipment and other technologies and products.
Special rolling equipment – special swing machine. We broke through the existing machine a multi-track mode. (1) a single circular trajectory axial swing rolling machine (2) radial swing rolling machine (3) multi-track axial swing rolling machine.

Main Products: Bimetallic Bushing, Bushing, Gear Pump Side Plate, Oil Bearing, Bimetallic Swashplate, Bimetallic Spark Friction Material, Bimetallic Stem Nut, Self-Lubricating V-V Guide, Bronze Sintered Filter Element, Bimetallic Wear Plate / Brake Pads.

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