Brief Introduction of Shaanxi Machinery Research Institute

  • Wenhui West Road on the 13th,Xianyang City,Shaanxi Province.
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Brief Introduction of Shaanxi Machinery Research Institute

Shaanxi Institute of Machinery was established in 1958 in Xi’an, is set by the integration of industry and trade comprehensive application of scientific research and development institutes. Under the Shaanxi Science and Technology Holdings Group limited liability company. Located in Xianyang City, Wenhui West Road on the 13th, more than 150 employees, including the enjoyment of the State Council special allowance of experts, professors and senior professional and technical personnel more than 90 people, accounting for more than 60% of the total number of employees.

Our hospital is mainly engaged in the research, development and production of powder metallurgy products, fiber detection equipment, electromechanical and numerical control digital technology, and undertakes the task of quality supervision and inspection of Shaanxi Province and the relevant standards of national fiber testing. Under the three holding companies, “Shaanxi Huaxia Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd.”, “Shaanxi Wester Instrument Co., Ltd.”, Xianyang Lide Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., three industry science and technology service agencies, “Provincial Machinery Industry Productivity Promotion Center” “Shaanxi Province Machinery Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station”, “Shaanxi Electrical and Mechanical Technology Innovation Incubator” and six scientific research institutions, “Shaanxi Province Powder Metallurgy Engineering Technology Research Center”, “CNC Automation Research Institute”, “New Materials Application Technology Institute” “Fiber detection equipment research and development center”, “engineering machinery and equipment research and development center”, “Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Technology.”

Over the past five years, our hospital science and technology workers painstaking research, access to a large number of scientific research. Accumulated more than 200 kinds of scientific research achievements, which won the national, ministerial, provincial awards more than 50, made 20 patent results for China’s science and technology development has made important contributions.

In recent years, our hospital adhering to the “innovation, truth-seeking, harmonious and development” of the corporate culture, closely around the actual needs of the province’s economic development, science and technology innovation to promote our research and development and industrialization of the close integration, , Seeking development areas, comprehensive strength leapt to a new level. “Twelve Five” period, the positive and steady development of our hospital advantages of industry, expand the scale, in the powder metallurgy products, cotton inspection equipment, CNC automation products and other advantages of industry has developed by leaps and bounds. “Twelve Five” during the cumulative economic income reached 200 million yuan.

Main Products: Heavy Duty Truck Transmission Powder Metallurgy Parts,Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission Powder Metallurgy Parts,Automotive Steering Pump Powder Metallurgy Pipelile Parts,Cycloid Hydraulic Motor Powder Metallurgy Parts,Oil Perforated Powder Powder Metallurgy Parts,Axial Blower Powder Metallurgy Parts,Textile Machinery Powder Metallurgy Parts.

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