Cangzhou Ginhai Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd.

  • Qingxian County, Hebei Province, south of small Xu Zhuang
  • +86-15931742002


Cangzhou Ginhai Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd.  established in May 1997, is located at the junction of Cangzhou Qingxian, 104 kilometers east of State Road 104. Plant covers an area of ​​12,000 square meters, construction area of ​​9,000 square meters, the company employees 97 people. Now has a powder metallurgy professional production equipment more than 50 Taiwan, mold processing equipment, machining equipment, and physical and chemical testing equipment. The design production capacity of 2,000 tons, has formed a leading domestic powder metallurgy products production line.

The company in 1998 joined the National Machinery General Parts Industry Association, the Ministry of Agriculture is the certification of the overall quality standards enterprises, the Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Commission certified high-tech enterprises and municipal science and technology star enterprises. The company passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, through professional, scientific and modern management, product quality and comprehensive standards laid a solid foundation.

Our company produces iron-based, copper-based and alloy powder metallurgy products, is widely used in automobiles, sewing machines, textile machinery, garden machinery, power tools, packaging machinery, civil machinery, office machinery, pumps, valves, corrosion steel pipe and other fields.

“Ginhai” people to the entrepreneurial spirit of hard work, the production of high-quality products. To good quality, excellent prices, sincere after-sales service to win the market. My company is willing to work with the new and old customers work together and common progress and common development and achieve win-win situation.

Main Products:  Iron-based Oil Bearing, Iron-based Structural Parts, Lawn Mower Travel Gear, Electric Actuator, Cycloidal Rotor Oil Pump, Copper-based Oil Bearing, Micro-motor Parts, Brush Cam Series.


Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code:  91130922106807216P

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