Changsha Weisitan Metallurgical Products Co.,Ltd.

  • Ningxiang Economic Development Zone on the 1st Road,Changsha City,Hunan Province.
  • +86-731-88313268 / +86-18673106006/ 18684901006


Changsha Weisitan Metallurgical Products Co.,Ltd. is located in the picturesque Ningxiang Economic Development Zone, covers an area of 20 acres, a total investment of 20 million yuan. With a variety of molding and finishing equipment more than 60 Taiwan, vacuum sintering furnace, mesh belt sintering furnace and hair furnace 10 sets, equipped with a more complete precision testing equipment, Hunan is the larger size of the powder metallurgy products professional manufacturers one.

Over the years, the company adhere to independent innovation, highlighting the development of powder metallurgy wear parts, now has two patents, wear-resistant parts production of a number of proprietary technology. Products are widely used in construction machinery, medical equipment, office equipment, power tools, household appliances, automobiles, motorcycles and other industries.

Main Products: New Series Of Steel Alloy Series,Wear-Resistant Stainless Steel Series,Metal Graphite Self-Lubricating Series,High-Speed Wear-Resistant Oil Bearing Series,Low Noise Wear-Resistant Oil Bearing Series,Structural Parts Series,Soft Magnetic Series.

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Unified Social Credit Code: 91430100680316489A

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