Changzhou Great Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd.

  • Mengshu industrial park, henglin town, wujin district, changzhou city, jiangsu province
  • 86-519-89859777

Changzhou Great Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd. is JV enterprise specialized in the production of powder metallurgy product. It is located at east end of Changzhou and is border upon Wuxi and nearby No 312 National Highway. Here are only several kilometers away from the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Yanjiang Expressway. The traffic here is very convenient. The company was established in Dec 2006, with ten million$ of total investment and 35000m2 of factory area. The construction area in first phase is 15000 m2. At present the company possesses complete inspection and measure equipment as well as more than 100 sets of various powder metallurgy manufacturing equipment.

The company regards high efficiency, high precision and high quality as its advantage and can supply powder metallurgy oil-retaining bearing and structural part for manufacturing industries such as automobile, household appliance, electric tools, office equipment and precision motor, etc.

Concentration is preserve force. Concentrated in work, technology, knowledge, team, the enterprise can be Grate only! The company sparkplugs actively the idea of“honest, concentration, team, excellence”and introduces high qualification talent, improves management system, persists in to learn and use international advanced technology and management idea, lead whole Grate’s to be bent on making progress and keep improving and works hard for forging Great into famous brand in international powder metallurgy industry.

Main Products:

Powder Metallurgy Oil Bearing, General Oil Bearing, Miniature Oil Bearing, Minimal Oil Bearing, Powder Metallurgy Structural Parts,Home Appliances Class Bearings, Business Machine Parts, Axial Fan Hollow Bearing,Vibration Motor Bearings.


No. Patent Type Number Release Date Abstract
1 Utility Models CN201620902129.6 2017/5/31 Automatic cleaning device of a powder metallurgical bearing
2 Utility Models CN201620902163.3 2017/3/29 The surface quality inspection device of a powder treatment gold shaft sleeve
3 Utility Models CN201620902126.2 2017/1/18 A kind of powder treatment gold bearing sleeve self-check screening device
4 Utility Models CN201620719441.1 2016/12/7 A buffer receiving device after forming a powder metallurgical product
5 Utility Models CN201620719245.4 2016/12/7 A powder – metallurgy shaft – forming material receiving device
6 Utility Models CN201620643264.3 2016/11/16 A type of anti-skid powder metallurgical shaft sleeve
7 Utility Models CN201620625702.3 2016/11/16 A antilock die for powder metallurgy
8 Utility Models CN201620633756.4 2016/11/16 A kind of anti-card die segment die for powder metallurgy
9 Utility Models CN201620631433.1 2016/11/16 A powder metallurgical base
10 Utility Models CN201620633195.8 2016/11/16 A powder metallurgical bearing
11 Utility Models CN201620117126.1 2016/7/13 A triangular-proof shaft sleeve
12 Utility Models CN201620117085.6 2016/7/13 A flanged gear shaft sleeve
13 Utility Models CN201620117045.1 2016/7/13 A mold improvement structure that reduces the mold release force
Registration Number: 9132041278270196XR
Registered Capital: 27,000,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2006-03-23   
Number Of Employees: 100-500
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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