Chao Yu-Zhuzhou City Industrial Co., Ltd.

  • Jinshan Industrial Park, No.483, Hetang District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province
  • +86-0731-28337033/ +86-13517334524/ 13873333946


Chao Yu-Zhuzhou City Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in June 1998, it is located in Jinshan Industrial Park. The company consists of three plants: Carbide plant; diamond / CBN grinding wheel factory; mechanical deep processing plant. In 2006 the company successfully registered certification “super-” brand trademark as 2010 passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.

Companies to adopt modern enterprise management ideas and methods; advanced carbide, diamond grinding wheel production equipment; hired well-known experts as consultants, it is China cemented carbide industry, superhard materials industry in the production process, technology and equipment and production quality control means a more complete high-tech private enterprises.

The company’s production of “super-” brand carbide, diamond / CBN wheel, and other best-selling products, exported to Southeast Asia, South America and some EU countries and regions, the majority of customers.

Companies adhere to the “quality first, the customer first, innovation and excellence” quality policy, strictly in accordance with GB / T19001-ISO9001 international quality standards to establish quality management system, strictly control the production process and product quality, customer satisfaction to provide cost-effective products to customer needs as the goal, efforts to develop new products to meet changing market demands.

Since its establishment, has always pursued “quality first customer first good faith and mutual benefit and win-win” business philosophy, and constantly increase the technological input, innovative management, and expand the influence of ultra-yu brand, and vigorously expand the market space. Rent from the plant to build a modern industrial production plant, small to large, from weak to strong, and gradually developed into the city of Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide, superhard materials production scale enterprises, has won for all kinds of honors. Company fully towards stronger corporate strategic objective of sustainable development forward.

Main Products: C Type Punch,Abrasive Punch With Threaded Hole,Threaded Carbide Saw Blade Press Plate,Stamping Die With Step,Nail Knife,Top And Core,Refined Export Plate,Fine Mirror Panel,Mirror Slitting Knife,Stretch The Core Finished Product,Centrifuge Nozzle Blank,Wear-Resistant Seal Ring,Plate,Strip, Cold Heading Stamping Class,Rod,Rollers,Ring, Shaped Parts, Bowl-Shaped Wheel, Parallel Reinforced Grinding Wheel,Double Oblique Side Grinding Wheel,Parallel Grinding Wheel,Parallel Small Wheel,Parallel With Arc Wheel, Single Oblique Side Grinding Wheel, Cup-Shaped Wheel, Square Mold,Carbide Up Tube, Shrinkage Mold,Carbide Splitters,Shaped Stretch Mold, Shaped Products,Stamping Die.

Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code: 91430202707244033A

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