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Chengdu Bangpu Alloy Materials Co., Ltd.  Cutting tools professional manufacturer, Concentrate on cutting tools, Cast international brand! Chengdu Bangpu Cutting Tools Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer which produces turning and milling inserts, grooving inserts, diamond milling inserts,indexable inserts for Aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, woodworking blades, hinge drills,brad boring bits, precision TCT planer, Shim, diamond and CBN body, mining ball gear, bar, wire drawing dies, stamping dies,etc. The carbide inserts and blades are manufactured by the advanced imported equipemnts from Swiss and Germany. The annual production amount is more than 20 million pcs and we passed the ISO 9001:2008 certification.Our products have been exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and other areas for more than 10 years. OEM and Customized service are welcome. We will always provide you our best products and service!

Main Products:

Turning Tooling, Milling Tooling,Parting & Grooving, Woodworking Tools,Customized & Accessories.


No. Patent Type Number Release Date Abstract
1 Published CN201611144712.6 2017/4/26 A preparation method for coating tools for train wheel hub processing
2 Utility Models CN201620921724.4 2017/2/8 New type of clamping punch
3 Utility Models CN201620921730.X 2017/2/8 The new type aluminum – shaped aluminum wheel – hub knife
4 Utility Models CN201620921700.9 2017/2/8 Heavy cutting blade coating for the bottom surface of the grinder
5 Utility Models CN201620921726.3 2017/2/1 A new type of thickness screening inspection tooling
6 Authorization CN201510072574.4 2016/8/31 A composite cemented carbide material with tungsten carbide coating and its preparation method
7 Authorization CN201510072786.2 2016/8/24 A composite cemented carbide material and its preparation method
8 Authorization CN201510072575.9 2016/8/17 A preparation method of composite cemented carbide for tool materials
9 Utility Models CN201521085440.8 2016/5/18 Metal cutting milling cutter
10 Published CN201510978769.5 2016/3/2 Metal cutting milling cutter
11 Authorization CN201210060781.4 2015/8/19 The preparation method of Ti (CN) ceramic materials with rare earth
12 Published CN201510072574.4 2015/5/20 A composite cemented carbide material with tungsten carbide coating and its preparation method
13 Published CN201510072786.2 2015/5/20 A composite cemented carbide material and its preparation method
14 Published CN201510072575.9 2015/5/20 A preparation method of composite cemented carbide for tool materials
15 Utility Models CN201420544433.9 2015/3/11 A multi – sided face milling cutter
16 Utility Models CN201420212667.3 2014/9/24 A type T slot milling cutter
17 Utility Models CN201420212655.0 2014/9/24 A kind of die positioning tooling
18 Utility Models CN201420213697.6 2014/9/24 A large – cut deep milling cutter
19 Utility Models CN201420213459.5 2014/9/24 A double – hole spiral blade milling cutter
20 Utility Models CN201420212713.X 2014/9/24 A guide block locating tooling
21 Utility Models CN201420213659.0 2014/9/24 A product passivated positioning tooling
22 Utility Models CN201420213695.7 2014/9/24 A powder pressure sensitive seal feeding mechanism
23 Utility Models CN201420212627.9 2014/9/24 A spiral blade milling cutter
24 Utility Models CN201420212707.4 2014/9/24 A low-flammable metal working tool
25 Utility Models CN201420212657.X 2014/9/24 A sandblast protection outfit
26 Utility Models CN201420213675.X 2014/9/24 A wave milling cutter
27 Utility Models CN201420212654.6 2014/9/24 A milling cutter
28 Utility Models CN201420213727.3 2014/9/24 A universal scale table
29 Utility Models CN201420213578.0 2014/9/24 A positioning tool used to guide a block with an oblique Angle
30 Utility Models CN201420213615.8 2014/9/24 A center hole positioning clamping device
31 Utility Models CN201420212732.2 2014/9/24 A face cutting knife
32 Utility Models CN201420212715.9 2014/9/24 A high – feed blade
33 Utility Models CN201420212869.8 2014/9/24 A worksuit that detects the positioning accuracy of a concave mold
34 Utility Models CN201420212683.2 2014/9/24 A single-head cutter and pole
35 Utility Models CN201420212729.0 2014/9/24 A lathe tool that processes deep grooves
36 Utility Models CN201420212733.7 2014/9/24 A ball head mill
37 Utility Models CN201420212858.X 2014/9/24 A side – shoulder milling cutter blade
38 Utility Models CN201420212653.1 2014/9/24 A diamond knife
39 Utility Models CN201320861729.9 2014/8/13 Small part cut slot and chamfer blade
40 Utility Models CN201320852517.4 2014/7/23 A small internal diameter boring knife
41 Utility Models CN201320862170.1 2014/7/23 Long thin parts with irregular length of diameter to quantize wire-cutting tooling
42 Published CN201410176240.7 2014/7/9 A method to remove the chromium coating on the surface of the mould
43 Utility Models CN201320861722.7 2014/7/2 Blade box
44 Utility Models CN201320862275.7 2014/7/2 A deep hole drill
45 Utility Models CN201320852657.1 2014/6/11 A mold calibration device
46 Utility Models CN201320852843.5 2014/6/11 A cutter blade
47 Utility Models CN201320852827.6 2014/6/11 A kind of portable mixing material sieving device
48 Utility Models CN201320852655.2 2014/6/11 A replica car blade
49 Utility Models CN201320852841.6 2014/6/11 A spiral milling cutter
50 Utility Models CN201320852594.X 2014/6/11 A knife-edge arc processing device
51 Utility Models CN201320862057.3 2014/6/11 High frequency welding set
52 Utility Models CN201320862037.6 2014/6/11 Rotate tool box
53 Utility Models CN201320852518.9 2014/6/11 A kind of CNC blade is used for floating sintering plate
54 Utility Models CN201320861747.7 2014/6/11 A special kind of work for grinding the circular arc surface
55 Utility Models CN201320852712.7 2014/6/11 A kind of center hole for the center of the blade
56 Utility Models CN201320852844.X 2014/6/11 A round nose knife
57 Utility Models CN201320852617.7 2014/6/11 A base surface grinding work
58 Utility Models CN201320533347.3 2014/2/19 A new type of small-bore boring tool
59 Utility Models CN201320533136.X 2014/2/19 A hard alloy batching device
60 Utility Models CN201320534293.2 2014/2/19 A new kind of small part processing tool
61 Utility Models CN201320534114.5 2014/2/19 A type of tooling for a coating blade
62 Utility Models CN201320534321.0 2014/2/19 A kind of non-porous mechanical machining CNC blade batch coating tooling
63 Utility Models CN201320533272.9 2014/2/19 An improved cutting edge and cutting tool for the cutting edge
64 Utility Models CN201320534679.3 2014/2/19 A device for coating the surface of a graphite boat with a spray coating
65 Published CN201210490863.2 2013/7/24 A modified ball mill cooling system and cooling method
66 Appearance Design CN201230052652.1 2012/10/10 Color coating(WNMG-FW-2)
67 Utility Models CN201220086585.X 2012/10/3 Copying punch forming machine
68 Appearance Design CN201230051674.6 2012/10/3 Color coating (CNMG – md-4)
69 Appearance Design CN201230052654.0 2012/10/3 Color coating(VNMG-FW-4)
70 Appearance Design CN201230051672.7 2012/10/3 Color coating(CNMG-FW-1)
71 Appearance Design CN201230051671.2 2012/10/3 Color coating(SNMG-MD-1)
72 Appearance Design CN201230052655.5 2012/10/3 Color coating(VNMG-FW-2)
73 Appearance Design CN201230051645.X 2012/10/3 Color coating(CCMT-FW-5)
74 Appearance Design CN201230052651.7 2012/10/3 Color coating(TNMG-MD-2)
75 Appearance Design CN201230051673.1 2012/10/3 Color coating(CNMG-FW-2)
76 Appearance Design CN201230051681.6 2012/10/3 Color coating(SCMT-FW-6)
77 Appearance Design CN201230051675.0 2012/10/3 Color coating(SCMT-FW-7)
78 Appearance Design CN201230051682.0 2012/10/3 Color coating(CCMT-FW-8)
79 Appearance Design CN201230051644.5 2012/10/3 Color coating(SNMG-MD-3)
80 Appearance Design CN201230052653.6 2012/10/3 Color coating(WNMG-FW-3)
81 Published CN201210060784.8 2012/8/29 A method of preventing oxygen increasing by a mixture of cemented carbide
82 Published CN201210060785.2 2012/8/29 A kind of adding method for carbide mixed wax forming agent
83 Published CN201210060783.3 2012/8/22 A hard alloy coating substrate for adding rare earth
84 Published CN201210060781.4 2012/8/22 The formulation and preparation method of Ti (CN) metal ceramics with rare earth
85 Published CN201010295578.6 2012/5/2 A two-crystal structure of hard alloy preparation
86 Published CN201010295574.8 2012/5/2 A kind of Ti (CN) metal ceramic working tool material and its preparation method
87 Published CN201010295571.4 2012/5/2 A tool composite material for cutting and processing aluminum
88 Authorization CN200910263592.5 2011/12/7 Large spiral angular carbide type line milling cutter
89 Appearance Design CN201130029175.2 2011/8/24 Double color coating blade(4)
90 Appearance Design CN201130029173.3 2011/8/3 Double color coating blade(6)
91 Appearance Design CN201130029182.2 2011/8/3 Double color coating blade(2)
92 Appearance Design CN201130029174.8 2011/8/3 Double color coating blade(5)
93 Appearance Design CN201130029171.4 2011/7/27 Double color coating blade(7)
94 Appearance Design CN201130029181.8 2011/7/27 Double color coating blade(3)
95 Appearance Design CN201130029185.6 2011/7/27 Double color coating blade(1)
96 Utility Models CN201020546748.9 2011/5/25 A new type of overall head three-pointed row drill
97 Published CN200910263592.5 2010/6/23 Large spiral angular carbide type line milling cutter
98 Published CN200810046425.0 2009/4/8 A material for making woodworking tools
99 Published CN200410040002.X 2005/2/23 Hard alloy low pressure injection molding
Registration Number: 91510100725362949Q
Registered Capital: 46,995,484.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2000-11-23     
Number Of Employees: 500-1000
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Stock Limited (Not Listed)
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