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Chengdu Xufa Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in December 1, 1999 investment, the formation of the joint-stock Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of iron-based powder metallurgy products The.

One, “Xufa” after more than 10 years of development, from the original can only produce simple powder metallurgy products to now meet the requirements of the finished product, complete sets of products requirements; from the original capital accumulation to now have assets of more than 3,000 million, which fixed Assets of more than 1000 million, working capital of more than 2000 million

Second, the “Xu hair” existing two branches, “powder metallurgy products” a branch of the main production of various powder metallurgy products structural parts, 100 employees, including engineering and technical personnel 10 people, two senior engineers, the annual production reached 50 million pieces of weighing 2,000 tons, has gradually grown to become the southwest region of large-scale powder metallurgy products structural parts production base; “mold” two branches of the main design, production of various small and medium-sized precision molds for a branch, People, the production of the mold has been among the forefront of the domestic.

Third, “Asahi” actively seize the 2008 financial crisis reshuffle opportunities, into growth, as of early 2012, has successfully completed the technological transformation, production equipment to achieve all the hardware replacement, replacement equipment for the fully automated production line, both reduced The dependence on the labor force, but also increased the welfare of employees, but also stabilized the workforce, “key” technicians have signed up to 5 years or even longer labor contracts and *** years in recent years are out of school, 2012 Has invested 3 million yuan with the domestic first-class production level of 100 T automatic press and surface steam treatment, cleaning machines and other fully automated equipment. Do fine, do a good job, and stronger is our eternal pursuit.

Fourth, “Asahi” is the “army, school, family” management model to participate in market competition, while continuing to learn from peers, learn from the advanced management level, we will cherish the western development opportunities, “Asahi” like a torrent in the ” A boat “, no way back, slow forward is back. Welcome to the strength of the company, foreign joint venture

Main Products: Powder Metallurgy Motorcycle Parts, Powder Metallurgy Electric Vehicle Parts, Powder Metallurgy Other Mechanical Parts, Powder Metallurgy Automotive Parts.

Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code: 9151012272344617XU

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