Chongqing Fan Lu Hao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd


Chongqing Fan Lu Hao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  is a research and development, manufacturing, sales as one of the powder metallurgy products professional manufacturers, located in the south bank of tea garden New Industrial Park, is located in Chongqing Tea Garden New District Jade Road Rose Road 17, close to the new South Bank district government, Tea garden management committee, Jiangnan Interchange, the surrounding convenient transportation, the basic supporting environment is good.

Chongqing Fan Lu Hao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, the existing all kinds of senior engineering, management staff of 25 people, the company occupies 55 acres, the company plant 20,000 square meters.

Companies specializing in the production of various types of powder metallurgy products, over the years committed to the automotive, motorcycle-related parts and components of product development, the main production car, motorcycle from the teeth (combination) series of products. The main products are five major series of more than 60 kinds of specifications models of products, including all kinds of synchronizers, motorcycle accessories, engine parts, such as centering sleeve.

Our existing eight powder metallurgy professional production line, a German Dorstite 800T press one, Nanjing East mechanical 800T press one, Chongqing Jiangdong 630T press 6, Chongqing Jiangdong 500T press 5, Germany Ma Le network belt sintering furnace, Chongqing sail Lu Hao sintering furnace 3, Germany Aimax high frequency induction hardening furnace one; Germany KAPP-260 automatic grinding machine one, Gleason 150 strong honing Machine one, all kinds of CNC lathes, line cutting processing center, coordinate, gear detection center, processing, testing equipment more than 60 Taiwan. The company now has an annual output of 10 million (sets) all kinds of powder metallurgy gear production capacity, is currently producing all kinds of gears more than 80 million pieces.

With excellent quality products sold at home and abroad, is the major domestic motorcycle manufacturers sentinel matching suppliers. Major customers are expected to Jianghu wood, the Yangtze River, Lifan, Zongshen, Longxin, Lide and other well-known domestic manufacturers.

The company has a sound ISO9001 quality management system, the implementation of refined process management, standard operating procedures. The use of our products assembled into the car to participate in the “Red Bird” relay, creating a 83 days of substitutions do not change the continuous driving 100000 km gear still maintain a good technical parameters of the miracle, Wing Chong two Guinness Book of World Records.

“Science and technology is the first productive force”, the company is committed to the development of powder metallurgy products and market development, to grasp the challenges and opportunities given by the new era, committed to the company’s comprehensive competitiveness; adhere to the “integrity” and “innovation” “,” Enterprising “values, the pursuit of sustainable development of enterprises.

Main Products:  Powder Metallurgy All Kinds of Synchronizers,  Motorcycle Accessories,  Engine Parts,  Such as Centering Sleeve.


Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code:  91500108733953212C



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