Chongqing Poly Can Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd.

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Chongqing poly can powder metallurgy Co., Ltd.  Was founded in December 2002, is a collection of modern production testing, product research and development and the scientific management in one of the manufacturing private enterprise. Main products for high density, high strength, high precision of powder metallurgy parts, the main products are motorcycle driven gear series, air conditioning compressor flange series, auto parts series, has formed yearly produces all kinds of iron base powder metallurgical structure of more than 8000 tons, the output value over production capacity.

The company existing staff 300 people, more than 40 professional technical management personnel, production workshop more than 16000 square meters, all kinds of large, medium and small (from 20 tons to 630 tons) powder metallurgy special production equipment more than 40 sets (hydraulic, mechanical press), powder metallurgy sintering production line for six (pusher, mesh belt type), and equipped with complete all kinds of powder metallurgy special testing equipment. Our company is based on the technology innovation, scientific management, and constantly develop new products to meet customer demand, and now owns a number of patents.

Companies adhering to the “first-class products, first-rate service, plastic first-class brand” of the enterprise purpose, in the spirit of “leading the industry, synchronous world” long-term pursuit, with more quality products and more considerate service for the customer to make a contribution, bring a win-win situation.

Main Products:  Auto Engine  Chain Wheel Series ,  Auto Parts Series,  Driven Gear Series,  Electric Motorcycle Series,  Air Conditioning Compressor Flange Series  and Other products.

Enterprise Certification:  Passed

 Unified Social Credit Code:     91500104745326080M




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