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CHU-SHIANG HARDWARE MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. Zhuxiang company was established in 1987 in Taiwan’s science and technology town — Hsinchu City, specializing in the production of all kinds of powder metallurgy products from the mold design to finished product production, processing by professional staff mining production , Each of the production process has been very strict quality control. As the business continues to expand, Zhuxiang company in 1997, the official investment in the Chinese market, the establishment of Dongguan Zhu Xiang Hardware Products Co., Ltd., established a second production base, and professional Of the oil bearing production technology, customers get the same good and trust .2002 years, Zhuxiang company spans the field of powder metallurgy mechanical parts, once again expand the market territory, due to performance and market demand, Zhuxiang company again in the Dongguan has established a new production base, where the production base in China has increased to more than 12,000 square meters area. Sanzhu Cheung company has a strong R & D team, and a collection of Taiwan’s advanced technology and sophisticated machinery and equipment, will meet Customers of all the requirements of the company all R & D personnel have a wealth of practical experience and professional quality, for customers to deliver the products will After repeated discussions and careful consideration of the process conditions, the development and design work.With advanced design software and absorption ** professional knowledge and technology, look forward to the most short-sighted customers to the most technical services four production and quality assurance, the The company introduced the equipment, whether it is molding, sintering, sandblasting, vibration grinding, correction, steaming black, follow-up processing … … and so on, are using the most sophisticated machine production.

As the company can always integrate Taiwan and China three production base and R & D unit resources, so confident to provide customers with a full range of production capacity and technical service quality assurance part, the company has the precise measurement instruments and tools, and constantly Strengthen the quality assurance process and the establishment of computerized, standardized quality system, so that the production of products can meet the [quality **, customer first] the spirit of service. Five current Zhuxiang company, after years of refining, follow the pulse of the times, Not only opened up a macro international vision and pace, but also to promote the upstream and downstream industries closely, in addition to the benefits of robust physical, but also reserves the forward-looking vision and forward momentum, steady growth of the footsteps of products continue to deepen all walks of life, marketing We have built a complete quality management system in order to ensure that the product quality meets the needs of our customers, and we have built a complete quality management system, Feed inspection, process inspection to the final shipment inspection, have to undergo a rigorous inspection, testing, and in 2000 through the ISO9001: 2000 certification, be sure Each product can meet the ardent expectations of customers Qizhu Xiang companies operating in good faith, excellent quality, excellent service business philosophy and dedication to a more dedicated and strong R & D, team, to provide customers ** product quality, The most reasonable price and perfect service, look forward to working with customers to grow together to create a broader future.

Main Products: Self-Lubricating Bearing,Precision Gear,Mechanical Parts,Stainless Steel Parts.

Enterprise Certification:Passed

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