Dandong Feishi Instrument Limited Company

Dandong Feishi Instrument Limited Company is the manufactuer engaged in producing FSSS instrument.The company specially produce WLP-205、208、205A、208A Average Particle Size Testing Device(Fsss),widely used in all kinds of fields of industrial production.It is the indispensable testing method for research and producing powder metallurgy、refractory metals、magnetic materials、hormimess alloy、tungsten molybdenum、metals、nonmetals、chemicals、building materials、materials and so on.It can meet the USA.ASTMB330-88«The testing method for refractory metal and the compound pweder particle-the Fsss method»、China GB3249-82 «The testing method for refractory metal and the compound pweder particle-the FSSS method»、«The testing method of the average particles for permanent magnet oxygenate material powder-the Fsss method»、«Analyzing method for Sm Co1-5 permanent magnet alloy powder-the Fsss method».The product well received by domestic users, and can go out to Hong Kong、Macao and Taiwan regions、Japan、Russia、Singapore、India、Malaysia、Iran、South Africa、Israel and so on.

Main Products:

WLP-205 Average Particle Size Analyzer , WLP-205A Average Particle Size Measurement Instrument , WLP-208 Average Particle Size Analyzer , WLP-208A Average Particle Size Analyzer , WLP-206 Average Particle Size Analyzer , YXQ-100 Pressure Corrector.

Registration Number: 91210602797661753R
Registered Capital: 100,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2007-01-23       
Number Of Employees: 50-100
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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