Dongguan City Jingdu Cemented Carbide Products Co., Ltd.

  • Shatou community, Marble Road 4th, Changan town,Dongguan City
  • 0769-88035161/ +86-18046901243

Dongguan City Jingdu Cemented Carbide Products Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in metal products research and development, production, processing, wholesale and sales as one of the business enterprises. Our main products are: carbide, imported tungsten steel, imported high-speed steel powder, die steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other steel precision machining. Tungsten steel blankets series: imports of carbide – imports of tungsten steel (plate, round bar, long, with round rods, mandrel, shaped non-standard pieces made, tool-made, can produce large tungsten steel ring, 1 meter long tungsten steel bar / tungsten steel bar, etc.). And can be based on customer drawings and samples of the length and length of cutting, precision machining inside and outside the round-made, special distribution of the brand alloy [Diamond ZCC, Chun Bao Sen pull days CB-Ceratizit, one hundred wins ASSAB, the United States Kenner KENNAMETAL, Japan Fuji FUJILLOY , A total of Everloy, San Alanya Sanalloy, Sweden Sandvik Sandvik] and other carbide imports tungsten steel.

Dongguan City Jingdu Cemented Carbide Products Co., Ltd. to introduce the world’s top mold processing machine tools, to provide you with optical grinding processing, plane molding grinding processing, tungsten steel discharge, spark tapping processing, unintentional grinding, speed walking wire, carbide die / / Die latest processing methods – PG optical grinding, curve grinding (optical projection processing) Carbide tungsten steel parts: professional processing tungsten steel, white steel punch | punch, bushing, guide needle, needle gauge, , PG red, and all precision (0.0005mm) mold parts product processing.

Dongguan City Jingdu Cemented Carbide Products Co., Ltd. has a complete and scientific quality management system, with strong strength, the best price, excellent service, professional metallurgical experience, complete supporting facilities; and more business proficient sales staff And skilled operators, strict quality management system and scientific and rigorous management mechanism, I believe you are not only in Jingdu to obtain the quality of material assurance, we are at work to provide you with quality service.
Dongguan City, Jingdu Carbide Products Co., Ltd. Business philosophy:
Companies adhering to the “best quality, best after-sales service,” the consistent policy, adhere to the supremacy of quality, service-oriented, quality win, so you really feel value for money.
Dongguan City, Jingdu Carbide Products Co., Ltd.’s purpose is:
Quality assurance cooperation win-win situation
Welcome to the new and old customers to negotiate, guidance!

Main Products:

Carbide – tungsten steel plate / rod / bar / tube,Non-magnetic cemented carbide – tungsten steel plate / rod,Imported brand Carbide – tungsten steel material,Carbide – tungsten steel tool / PG processing,Carbide – tungsten steel processing (punch / bush),Carbide – tungsten steel mirror panel / fine grinding rods,Carbide – Tungsten Steel Needle / Plug / Stop,Carbide – tungsten steel shaped non-standard pieces made.

Registration Number: 91441900MA4UURM25R
Registered Capital: 2,000,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2016-09-20 
Number Of Employees: 50-100
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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