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Dongguan City Xinsheng Hardware Products Co.,Ltd. (formerly Dongguan City Tangxia Yi Zhi Hardware Products Factory) was established in March 2008, located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province town of Qingxi, is a research and development of various types of powder metallurgy products of modern production enterprises, Specializing in the production: powder metallurgy pressing (PM) and precision metal injection molding (MIM) powder metallurgy parts, high precision powder metallurgy oil bearing, gear, shaped structural parts, stainless steel powder metallurgy parts. Material: copper, copper iron, iron, alloy steel, stainless steel and other materials. Our company has perfect powder metallurgy production line, configuration: automatic production line 3T ~ 315T high precision automatic forming equipment more than 20 Taiwan, sintering furnace 2 and follow-up finishing equipment, testing equipment such as universal testing machine, Vero’s hardness Precision analysis of scales, Hall flow meter, etc., to ensure the production of first-class quality products to lay a solid foundation.

Widely used: motor, electrical appliances, toys, hardware furniture, car and motorcycle, vacuum cleaner, sewing machine, textile machinery, power tools, cell phone keys, computer accessories, car DVD gear, car resistance gear, Lock accessories, garden tool accessories, video equipment, such as paper shredders and other peripheral equipment, minimally invasive medical pliers, sewing car parts. According to (GB), (ISO), (JIS) and MIPF standard manufacturing annual output has reached 60 million, the product of superior performance and reasonable price.

Company Bingzhe “people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, quality first, service first” business philosophy, in order to create value for the purpose of customers, and constantly develop new products, and constantly deepen enterprise management, welcome domestic and foreign customers, Create a better future!

Main Products: Oil Bearing,Micro-Motor Small Modulus Gear,Shaped Structure Parts,Mechanical Gears,MIM Stainless Steel Parts,Powder Metallurgy Plating Products.

Enterprise Certification:Passed

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