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Dongguan City Xipusi Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, the company brand “hippsc” sales network throughout the world. Over the years the company is committed to research and innovation, customer demand as the center, to practice practitioners. We believe that: learn to have long, surgery has expertise. Hippos maintains close cooperation with Korea, Germany and Sweden. From which accumulated a lot of technology and experience, and developed a series of products more suitable for customers, the overall technology in the domestic leading level of similar products, and won a number of national technology patents.

Xipu to research and development, production and sales of “high speed, high efficiency, ultra-precision” product-oriented, “professional, integrity, service” business philosophy. Through years of development and practical application. “HIPPSC” milling tool has been widely used in electronic parts processing, mold processing, auto parts processing, aerospace accessories processing and other machine plus field. We look forward to sufficient inventory, strong technical strength, perfect sales strategy, to provide customers with a more stable delivery cycle, and more efficient and efficient service.
In order to further strengthen the “HIPPSC” brand competitiveness, and more effective service customers, in 2014 began to prepare a new and efficient production base, the new plant will be officially put into operation in 2016. By then, Xipu Si will continue to develop and develop suitable for customers need CNC tooling systems and solutions to meet the field of industrial processing innovation and demand.

Main Products:

BT-HM (Hydraulic Shank) ,Seismic Tungsten Steel Arbor (Straight Handle Type) ,BT-ER Elastic Tool Holder ,BT-GER MINI (Small High-Speed Tool Holder) ,BT-EHM (Very Short Hydraulic Shank) ,BT-GER (High Speed Tool Holder) ,BT-HM (P) Universal Hydraulic Shank ,NBT-GSK (Keyless) High-Speed Tool Holder.


No. Patent Type Number Release Date Abstract
1 Utility Models CN201621043839.4 2017/4/12 A type of carb cutter dish
2 Utility Models CN201621043838.X 2017/4/12 A spinning tool
3 Utility Models CN201620804041.0 2017/2/22 A knife dish
4 Utility Models CN201620804275.5 2017/2/22 An anti-interference milling cutter
5 Appearance Design CN201630201914.4 2016/9/21 Box (CNC knife handle)
6 Utility Models CN201620378256.0 2016/9/21 A hydraulic flat handle
7 Utility Models CN201620378254.1 2016/9/21 A fine fine optical knife disk
8 Utility Models CN201520501906.1 2015/12/30 An earthquake – resistant handle
9 Utility Models CN201220501613.X 2013/4/24 The high-speed handle
10 Utility Models CN201220291746.9 2013/2/27 A loose wrench
11 Utility Models CN201220233726.6 2012/12/26 Lock cutter holder
Registration Number: 91441900574527944C
Registered Capital: 2,000,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2011-05-20
Number Of Employees: 100-500
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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