Dongguan Haiwei De Powder Hardware Products Co., Ltd.


Dongguan Haiwei De Powder Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, the company is located in the beautiful scenery of Dongguan Changan town; is the current production of more complete variety of professional powder metallurgy structural parts manufacturer; with professional engineers, engineers, And has the Pearl River Delta maximum pressure automatic hydraulic machine: 1000 tonnage. Specializing in the production of high strength, high precision, strong wear resistance of the product, product density 6.8 — 7.3g / mm cubic. Annual production capacity of more than 800 tons.

Hai Weide as a line of high-end precision metal gears, accessories manufacturers, has introduced a set of foreign advanced technology, automated precision machining production equipment for high-quality hardware accessories escort, Hai Weide highly valued product quality and durability of the production and development , Which precision gear manufacturing process is the industry’s leading level.

Since the establishment of the company, has access to a number of quality management certification and a number of practical products of new patents, product quality, high precision, durable strong, fast delivery, short cycle, and many well-known domestic and foreign brands established a long-term good The long-term export products in Europe and America Asia and Africa and the Middle East, Vietnam and other places, reliable quality, customer satisfaction.

Heide De hardware founder focused on precision metal gears, accessories 20 years, owns the hardware industry’s top professional R & D and production technicians team, high-precision automation equipment, strict reference to complete and scientific international quality management system requirements, 100% full inspection Cargo flow, as well as a wealth of hardware export parts production and hardware co-custom development and manufacturing experience.

Main Products:   Powder Metallurgy CNC Machine Tool Accessories, Rail Briquetting, Rail Pressure, Copper-based Oil Bearing and Small Modulus Gears, Gearbox, Hot Runner System Accessories, Oil-free Vacuum Pump Accessories Eccentric Wheel, Metal Electronic Lock Accessories, Accessories, Lifting Gear, Hand Lift Lifting Gear Parts, Packaging Machinery, Hu Heji Accessories, Special Textile Machinery Parts, Pneumatic Tools, Air Batch Parts, Structural Parts.

Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code:  914419007693217431

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