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Dongguan Shengtai Hardware Products Co.,Ltd. is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, which is known as “World Factory”, formerly known as Taiwan Shengtai Industry Co., Ltd., Dongguan Lianyu Powder Metallurgy Products Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Tangxia Lianyu Hardware Factory Come from July 1985. Mr. Chen Sheng, chairman of the company with his exquisite powder metallurgy manufacturing expertise, visionary venture set up a “Taiwan Sheng Taiwan Industrial Co., Ltd.”, in December 1994 founded the Dongguan Lian Yu Powder Metallurgy Products Co., Ltd., and in 2003 In August set up the Dongguan City Tangxia Lianyu Hardware Products Factory. Even Mr. Chen Sheng with his 40 years of experience in powder metallurgy, ten years of hard work of brilliant achievements, believe in people, things, to the material management philosophy.
People: people-oriented, attention to talent
Things: professional management, things must be bowed
Good environment, excellent equipment
Things: focus on quality, customer first
“Proud of the plant to the home,” the business creed to “quality first, customer satisfaction,” the quality of policy and “Sheng Taiwan products, customer confidence, concentric brand, the use of peace of mind,” the commitment to ensure that all employees to customers Provide quality products and services.
History of the company:
July 1985 Construction Sheng Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd., May 15, 1986 put into operation.
May 15, 1990 Established Lianyu Enterprise Co., Ltd., Shengtai Industrial Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong) Limited.
August 1, 1992 in Dongguan City, Guangdong Guanjing head management area of ​​5,000 square meters of land.
February 28, 1994 groundbreaking, the construction of factories, office buildings and dormitories.
April 1995 3800 square meters plant completed, the first batch of equipment into the plant.
May 15, 1995 put into operation.
In December 1995, an increase of 50 automation equipment to enhance production capacity.
In October 1997, automation equipment increased by 88 units.
In March 1999, automation equipment increased to more than 100 units.
August 2003 in Dongguan, Tangxia set up Dongguan Tangxia Lianyu Hardware Products Factory
December 23, 2014 Dongguan Shengda Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was established
Business Scope:
Specializing in the production of various types of high precision, wear resistance of copper, iron, copper and iron, stainless steel and other sintered powder metallurgy oil bearing, mechanical parts, auto parts, etc., products are gears, pulleys, eccentric wheels, Sets, copper, bushings, motor accessories, machine parts, and other mechanical parts and various special-shaped structural parts, about 8200 different specifications of the product. Widely used in household appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, power tools, micro-motor, fitness equipment, office equipment, textile machinery, food machinery, lock industry, furniture industry, toy industry and other industries, with an annual output of 800 million, marketing domestic provinces and cities And exported to the United States, Japan, Korea, India, the Middle East and other countries and regions, praised by customers.

Main Products: Copper and iron alloy fan motor bearings, POS machine sleeve, gear ring sets, juice machine copper sets, home appliances machine bushings, ladder office equipment in the sleeve, the movement of copper, iron-based sleeve, copper-based shaft Sets, shaped iron-based, alloy copper sets, shaped copper sets, cooling fan of copper.

Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code: 914419003248356021

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