Foshan Dongfang Zhiying New Materials and Devices Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  • Hegui Industrial Park,Nanhai District,Foshan City,Guangdong,China
  • +86-757-86258338/ +86-13924564008

Foshan Dongfang Zhiying New Materials and Devices Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is formed by Dongfang Zhihui Advanced Material Engineering Technology R & D Center and Dongfang Hengli Investment Co., Ltd.. The company is mainly engaged in the development and manufacture of powder injection molding products, especially in the development of nanometer ultra-fine high-purity specialty powder materials and the development of nanometer ultrafine powder advanced forming technology and the manufacture of key parts.

Companies with strong technical force, research equipment, first-class powder metallurgy research and powder metallurgy National Engineering Research Center as the backing, focusing on research and market integration, always concerned about the national industry is important in the forefront of business areas, quickly seize market opportunities , And constantly develop to meet the needs of users of products and technologies.

The company through years of nano-ultrafine powder preparation and nano-ultrafine powder net forming technology accumulation and key equipment market improvement. The formation of independent intellectual property rights of metal and precision ceramic powder injection molding technology and rapid degreasing – sintering, high temperature continuous hot pressing sintering and other special equipment. Breaking the traditional powder injection molding technology supply cycle and the traditional hot-pressing special ceramic batch and the high cost of production problems, through the raw materials / forming technology / special equipment for continuous market improvement. The formation of Chinese characteristics with low-cost, high efficiency, large-scale production of special powder materials and precision shaped parts manufacturing professional manufacturers.

The company is mainly used for powder injection molding materials are: Fe-Ni alloy; stainless steel 316L and 17-4PH; cemented carbide and high specific gravity tungsten alloy; ultra-fine ceramic and precision ceramic materials, products throughout the car, motorcycle, Locks, communications, electronics, watches and clocks, mechanical hardware, medical equipment, fishing gear, sports equipment and military industry, and other industries widely used.

To provide customers with excellent products, stable quality, good service, and customers to establish common interests, equality and mutual benefit, long-term cooperation is a good relationship between the company’s goal.

Main Products:

Fine Ceramic Structure,Zirconia Jewelry,CIM Zirconium Oxide Structure,For MIM Products Kiln,Continuous Vacuum Furnace For Burning Plate,MIM Special Kiln,Fine Ceramics Kiln,Sintered Zirconia Bar Kiln,The Sector Plate,High Temperature Push Plate,Inductance Sagger,MLCC Kiln Furniture.


Registration Number: 914406006886144214
Registered Capital: 5,010,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2009-04-29   
Number Of Employees: 100-500
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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