Foshan Sanshui Weiqiang Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd.

  • Fan Lake Industrial Zone, Leping Town, Sanshui District, Foshan
  • +86-757-87366920


Foshan Sanshui Weiqiang Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, covers an area of ​​over 3,000 square meters, is a collection research, development, production and sales of powder metallurgy products professional manufacturers. After years of hard work, the majority of customers have been unanimously approved. In order to better serve customers, improve product quality and competitiveness of enterprises, the company at the end of 2011 the acquisition of the original Foshan City Shunde East Public Powder Metallurgy Limited. After the integration of Foshan Sanshui Weiqiang Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd. mainly produces high-precision, high-strength, high-density iron-based powder metallurgy products.

The company’s current market positioning mainly on the motor gear and lock the two large areas above the product mainly includes gears, planets, gear boxes, lock cylinder, lock and other motor and lock type powder metallurgy structure; involving micro-motor, small Home appliances, office supplies, food machinery, toys, locks and other industries.
The company passed the ISO9001 / 2008 certification, products meet the EU ROHS standards. We adhering to the “leading technology, quality and stability, prompt delivery, reasonable prices and perfect service,” the purpose, to build China’s powder metallurgy industry well-known brands.
Welcome friends at home and abroad to negotiate and cooperation, and seek common development.

Main Products:  Powder Metallurgy Elevator Accessories, Medical Equipment Accessories, Household Appliances Accessories,Lock Accessories, Other Structural Parts series.


Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code:  91440607753672493W

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