Guangzhou Wiscon Trade Development Co.,Ltd.


Guangzhou Wiscon Trade Development Co.,Ltd. was established in July 28, 2010, by the Food Biotechnology Co., Ltd. authorized. Company focused on high-end • Function • leisure areas of the new candy, using advanced foreign technology, to create the domestic first-class high-end candy brand.
Whisper energy mints, adhering to the “smooth enjoy the quality of life” mission, “people-oriented, value-creating” business philosophy, based on advanced research and development, production technology, consumer-oriented mental resources and channel resources to the joint development. All the staff will make every effort to bring consumers “surging cool cool, fresh unlimited” as a new experience!
Vision: to create first-class brand, promote quality of life, create a human enterprise
Entrepreneurship: Stick • focus • Innovation • Integrity

Main Products: Powder Metallurgy LED PAR light,LED Bulb Light,LED Spot Light,Power LED Wall Washer,Power LED Wall Washer,LED MagicBulb,LED MagicTube.


Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code: 91440000617437907D

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