Guangzhou Guangming Metal Products LLC


Guangzhou Guangming Metal Products LLC is a professional manufacturer of powdermetallurgical products, Our company engaged in manufacturing precise parts thatwidely applied in the fields of home appliance、 officeappliance、 machinery、 automobile、 engine、 powertool、pneumatic tool 、garden tool 、textile etc. Supported with our good reputation 、innovative spirit and excellent、reliable quality , we have developed long-term cooperated businessrelationships with overseas customers.

We insist on ourprinciple“TECHNOLOGY FIRST,QUALITY BASE“, have achieved patents of technology invention, andwill continuously extend the cooperation with domestic R&D institutions anduniversities, Offer customers qualify products. We sincerely hopewith all of our talented team to offer new and old customers valuable servicesand products.

Main Products:  Mim Injection Molding Stainless Steel Products,  Electronic Computer Precision Parts,  All Kinds of Precision Powder Metallurgy Parts,  Furniture Hardware Accessories,  Meat GrinderAccessories,  Car and Motorcycle Accessories,  Power Tools Accessories.

Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code:  91440115593735204Y


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