HaiAn Yingqiu Group Co.,Ltd.


HaiAn Yingqiu Group Co.,Ltd. founded in 1985, is the important base for R&D and production of powder metallurgy products in China. Yingqiu is the vice chairman unit of CMPMA (Powder Metallurgy Association of China General Machine Components Industry Association), vice director unit of Powder Metallurgy Institution of Jiangsu Provincial Mechanical Engineering Society, Jiangsu Provincial High-New Tech Enterprise. Yingqiu established “PM New Materials Engineering Technology Research Center”, which contains advanced equipments for production and test, from USA, Japan and Switzerland. Yingqiu has passed China Measurement Management System Certification, ISO9000, and ISO14000.Yingqiu’s main products include five categories, that is, PM oilless bearings, PM structural parts, metal powders, alloyed products, and soft magnetic ferrite core. Some products won certificate of “National Key New Product” and “Provincial High-New Tech Product” for many times. Products produced by Yingqiu are evaluated as “famous brand products”. In 2007, Yingqiu won the Quality Award of Jiangsu Province. Our products are widely applied in automobile, motorcycle, computer, wireless communication, automatic office equipment, aerospace, weapon equipment, electric tool, home appliance, audio and video equipment, agricultural and textile machinery, instruments, and micro motor. Yingqiu group sets marketing network all-round China.

Main Products: Cu-based, Fe-based, FeCu-based Self-lubricating Bearings,PM Structural Parts,Electric (Pneumatic) Tool Parts,Electric (Pneumatic) Tool Parts,Auto Electric Fuel Oil Spray Pump Parts (Rotor),Auto, Motorcycle Parts (Gear) ,Auto, Motorcycle Parts (Oil ,Mn-Zn,Ni-Zn,Mg-Zn and Various Kinds Of Ferrite Powder Core Series,Soft Magnetic Ferrite Powder Material.


Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code: 91320621138586825L

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