Haining Feida Metallurgy Powder Co.,Ltd.

  • Tanqiao Industrial Zone, Haining City,Zhejiang Province.
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Haining Feida Metallurgy Powder Co.,Ltd. founded in 1961, started producing stainless steel powder and other alloy powders from 1991. Our company covers an area of 24,000 Sq.m. Annual output of stainless steel powder can reach more than 1000t. Our company is a high-tech enterprise specialized in water and gas atomized powder production. With most advanced high-pressure airproof atomizing equipment and expert with rich experience in atomized powder production, our company can produce various alloy and metal powders with low oxygen content and controllable shape and particle size. Now our company has become the most professional and largest stainless steel powder producer in China. Our products have been ISO9001:2000 certificated, and sold well in Europe and Southeast Asia.
Main applications of stainless steel powder: P/M pressing and sintering; MIM; sintering filter; chemical fibre spinning material—stainless steel grits; hot spraying(supersonic spraying); metal blasting.
General grade of stainless steel powder: 316L、304L、303L、410L、430L、434L、316、304、17-4PH、410、420、430, etc.
Hard-face alloy powders for spraying and spray welding: Fe-based, Ni-based (Ni-Cr-B-Si), Co-based(Co-Cr-W Stellite).
Other products of our company include 6-6-3、Cu90Sn10 bronze powder, brass powder, Cu-Pb alloy powder, high-speed steel powder, tool steel powder, alloy steel powder, powder for engine valve seat, Cr-Fe powder, Ni-Fe powder, Sn powder, Pb powder, Ni powder, Co powder, Cu powder, and soldering powders including PCu powder, Sn63Pb37, and Si-Al alloy powder.    The shape of powder can be spherical or customized to customer’s needs. We also produce ultra-fine powders that can be used for MIM. Meanwhile, our company can provide processing service according to the materials and directions from customer.

Main Products: Stainless Steel Products Produced With Our Own Powder,General Stainless Steel Powder,Stainless Steel Powder For Filter.

Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code: 91330481146735042K

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