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Hefei Bolin New Material Co.,Ltd. was established in 1997, is specialized in the manufacture of mechanical parts and components manufacturing enterprises, the main production of powder metallurgy structural parts, composite materials, sliding bearings and micro reducer products, through long-term technical cooperation with Hefei University of Technology , Relying on technical advantages, to provide customers with detailed technical solutions and quality of product quality services.

The company has more than 400 employees, of which more than 80 R & D personnel, a total of two production bases and a research and development center. Covers an area of ​​78.4 acres, the plant area of ​​40,000 square meters, more than 600 sets of production equipment, testing equipment more than 50 Taiwan, including powder metallurgy production lines, finishing production lines, micro reducer assembly test lines and composite materials production line.
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Through nearly 20 years of innovation and development, the company has been rated as high-tech enterprises, the title of innovative enterprises in Anhui Province, access to more than 20 patents and national science and technology projects. The company is divided into four divisions: powder metallurgy division, finishing division, reducer Division and composite materials division. Powder metallurgy business is mainly engaged in the automotive, power tools, hydraulic and other areas of the product manufacturing, products include: automotive industry: seat belts, shock absorbers, steering gear, pump, steering pumps, automatic gearbox, power tools industry : Pressure plate, gear and so on. Hydraulic areas: gears, side panels, rotors, distribution plates and so on. Seiko Division mainly engaged in hydraulic pump parts processing, including: bimetal and copper side panels, aluminum side panels, aluminum bushings, bimetallic and copper with oil pan.
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Micro-reducer Division mainly engaged in solar tracking system reducer, home automation reducer, engraving machine reducer, equipment, such as reducer. Composites Division mainly produces: hydraulic field with the composite bearings, automotive composite bearings. Including: bimetallic materials, polytetra fluoroe thylene materials, POM materials.
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The company has advanced technology and scientific management methods, has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO / TS16949, and so on a number of management system certification.

Main Products: Automotive shock absorber guide seat,Car shock absorber seat car shock absorber seat,Car shock absorber piston shock absorber piston,Car Seat Belt Parts Car Seat Belt Parts,The car starts the motor gears to start the motor gear,Automotive steering gear parts, automotive steering parts,Auto pump parts car pump parts,Iron-based powder metallurgy side plate iron-based powder metallurgy side panels,Iron-based powder metallurgy distribution plate iron-based powder metallurgy distribution plate,Rotor rotor,Cylinder bearing cylinder bearings,Vane pump parts vane pump parts,Plunger pump return plate and ball hinge piston pump back plate and ball hingeGear parts gear parts,The main passive wheel is the main passive wheel,Power tool parts, power tool parts,Lift gear gear lift gear,Air conditioning swashplate air conditioning swashplate,Bimetallic side panels – sprayed with bimetal side panels – sprayedCopper side plate copper side plateAluminum sleeve aluminum sleeve,Aluminum sleeve – sprayed aluminum sleeve – spray,Bimetallic bimetallic bimetallic dosing plate,Copper distribution plate copper distribution plate,Oil pump gear pump gear,Reducer products,Composite bushing,Bimetallic bushing bimetallic bushings,Inlaid bearings inlaid bearings,Sprayed steel sets of spray steel sets.

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