Huafu Industrial Co., Ltd.

  • Shapingba District Fengtian Road on the 18th, Chongqing.
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Huafu Industrial Co., Ltd. Founded in 1954, the company occupies 300 acres, the total assets of 350 million. Now has an annual production capacity of powder metallurgy products 20,000 tons; aluminum products annual production capacity of 4,000 tons, 1 million sets of oil pump assembly, camshaft assembly 1 million sets, synchronizer assembly 1 million sets, rocker assembly 1 million, more than 110 R & D technical staff, is a production of various high-strength powder metallurgy parts and automotive oil pump, cylinder head, intake Pipe, synchronizer assembly, camshaft assembly of the main professional manufacturers. Has been formed 22 major series of leading products for domestic and foreign automotive powertrain, gearbox assembly, general machinery, refrigeration machinery and other industries to provide supporting services, production and sales in the forefront of the industry. Has successfully developed and manufactured more than 500 kinds of auto parts products.

Huafu industry uphold more than 50 years of research and development experience, and has always insisted “with advanced technology to create value for customers,” the idea of ​​providing customers with personalized service. Our professional R & D team uses CAD / CAPP / PDM, CAM and other design platforms to provide technical support for product development.

In the Huafu Technology Center, brought together a large number of highly experienced and advanced technology of high-quality workforce, the establishment of six competitive independent development team, were responsible for handling all kinds of typical powder metallurgy, aluminum products, cam Shaft, synchronizer of the special needs, continue to develop advanced technology. Such as sintering hardening technology, segment filling technology, powder metallurgy combination connection technology, powder metallurgy infiltration technology, CNC forming technology, aluminum alloy intake manifold variable intake technology, hollow powder metallurgy combined camshaft technology. Professional skills have been constantly updated, the team’s competitiveness and cohesion here to be fully demonstrated.

Huafu industry in the customer-oriented, and seek strategic development of business purposes, the formation of a “good faith, all customer interests as the center” business philosophy, and international mainstream management model and technology research and development model, making Huafu industrial products gradually recognized by the world. The main customers include: FAW Car, Tianjin FAW Toyota engine, Tianjin internal combustion engine, Shenlong, Brilliance, Changan, Changan Suzuki, Changan Ford Mazda, Chery, hippocampus, SAIC-GM-Wuling, Wuling Liu machine, Shanghai Automotive Transmission, Castle Peak Industrial, Dongfeng Mitsubishi, Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi, BYD, Great Wall Motor, Jiangling Motors, Huatai Automobile, Tangshan Aixin, Germany Schaeffler Group, the United States 100 of the company, the United States Parker, the United States SPX, the Japanese sunrise trading company, and many other domestic Outside known users.

Main Products:  Powder Metallurgy Bearing, Powder Metallurgy Sprocket, Powder Metallurgy Pipe, Powder Metallurgy Valve Seat, Powder Metallurgy Synchronizer, Powder Metallurgy Gear, Powder Metallurgy Ring Gear, Powder Metallurgy Rotor, Powder Metallurgy Flange,Powder Metallurgy Rocker ,Powder Metallurgy Intake Manifold Assembly, Powder Metallurgy Oil Pump Assembly, Powder Metallurgy Cylinder Head and Aluminum Pipe, Powder Metallurgy Camshaft Assembly.


Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code:  91500000203054682J

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