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Hunan Shuntai Tungsten Industry co., Ltd. founded in June 2010, its predecessor for the hunan’s new material co., LTD, may complete the shareholding system reform, 2013 in December 2013 in hunan province equity exchange listed successfully, the registered capital of 73.28 million yuan.

The company is located on the water river of beautiful weii, located at the national level of ningxiang economic and technological development zone, the north road, the geographical location is superior, the traffic is convenient.With the technical cooperation with the famous university of central south university in China, the research and development and production are one of the most comprehensive recycling enterprises of tungsten waste with advanced production technology and the most complete industrial chain.

After our company has settled in the national ningxiang economic and technological development zone, our company has completed the construction of the project with high quality and efficiency, and put it into production in May 2012.Through nearly three years of efforts, the enterprise is a good private enterprise with total assets of 180 million yuan, annual sales of 100 million yuan, and tax payment of 10 million yuan.Companies over the years has been the provincial, city, district named “defend the contract heavy credit enterprise”, “credit model enterprise”, “tax advanced enterprises”, “tax 10 million enterprises”, “shun tai” brand trademark was awarded “famous trademark” in hunan province.

Along with our country industrialization, electronic information, speed up the process of urbanization and the development of new materials research, tungsten materials will be widely used in metal, electronics, aerospace defense industry, rail transportation, printing and dyeing, oil refining, and other fields, tungsten consumption will be rapid growth.Because of the irreducibility, scarcity and irreplaceability of tungsten, the second comprehensive utilization of tungsten resources has a broad prospect.

Company since its inception, has always insisted that “honesty is gold, pragmatic” business purposes, under the guidance of chairman Mr Zhao Zean, the staff unite as one, work hard, adhering to the “thick Germany, pragmatic, unity and struggle, innovation” spirit of enterprise, to shun tai to create a better tomorrow!

Business purpose: integrity is the foundation of gold and pragmatism

Enterprise spirit: thick, practical, trapped, fighting, innovation

Business philosophy: energy conservation, low carbon, waste and waste, technological innovation

Secondary tungstate: white crystals, flaky or needle-like.Solubility: slightly soluble in water, less than 2% at 20 ℃ solubility in water, insoluble in alcohol.Will be heated to 220-280 ℃ of para-ammonium tungstate, lose part of ammonia and water of crystallization, can be converted into partial ammonium tungstate AMT, heated to above 600 ℃ lost all ammonia and water of crystallization, thoroughly into three yellow tungsten oxide.Mainly used in the manufacture of tungsten trioxide or blue tungsten oxide powder;The downstream products of metal tungsten powder have tungsten material series, such as tungsten bar, tungsten wire and other electric vacuum materials;There are alloy series, such as tungsten carbide, hard alloy, alloy blade, alloy bit, alloy mould, etc.Other wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, high-temperature mechanical components.

Sodium tungstate: usually adopt tungsten concentrate as raw material and caustic soda pressure cooking together, make the tungsten into sodium tungstate solution, filtered, ion exchange separation techniques such as impurity elements, then through evaporation crystallization, drying white crystalline sodium tungstate products.

Main Products:

Sodium Tungstate, Secondary Ammonium Tungstate.


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5 Published CN201410165618.3 2014/7/30
Registration Number: 91430100557621816M
Registered Capital: 73,280,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2010-06-24    
Number Of Employees: 1000-5000
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Stock Limited (Not Listed)
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