Hunan Unisky Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • 1th Building Of Auto Distribution Garden, Zhuzhou Tianyuan District, Hunan Province
  • +86-731-28820518

Hunan Unisky Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in the hometown of cemented carbide —Zhuzhou city, Hunan province in central China. It is located at the state-level High-tech Development Zone— Liyun Industrial Park and is a shareholding company specializing in production of a variety of high-end furnaces for industry with expertise in design, manufacturing and maintenance thanks to many years’ experience in furnace field. Based on the latest technology development of the world, it has positioned itself as the leader in furnace specialty in Asian area.

The company advocates priority in technology with premium performance and the projected image of first-class personnel, management and brand equity.

Great attention to partnership with clients via continuous R & D in highly safe, stable and reliable products is emphasized in order to satisfy clients’ needs with excellent performance but reasonable price.

Solid solution for clients’ furnace plan will be constructed with deliberate efforts to create maximal value for the users.

Main Products:

Vacuum Pressure Furnace,Equipment Accessories,INFOICON High Vacuum Probe, FESTO Pneumatic Components, MEHLER Control Cabinet,CFC Materials,,E + H Vacuum Probe, JUMO Pressure Probe, LESER Safety Valve,PISTER High-Pressure Valve,COAX High Pressure Valve, BARKSDALE High Voltage Switch, FEMA Pressure Switch, EMA – Water Flow Switch.


No. Patent Type Number Release Date Abstract
1 Published CN201610028292.9 2017/7/25 A vacuum sintering furnace
2 Utility Models CN201620440266.2 2016/9/28 An atmosphere of sintering
3 Utility Models CN201620080227.6 2016/8/31 A thermocouple protection device
4 Utility Models CN201620150896.6 2016/7/13 A sintering furnace and its cooling system
5 Utility Models CN201620099961.7 2016/6/29 A filter and vacuum pump unit
6 Utility Models CN201620150978.0 2016/6/29 Gravity valve
7 Utility Models CN201620080704.9 2016/6/22 An open hole tool
8 Utility Models CN201620096697.1 2016/6/15 A cutting device
9 Utility Models CN201620096466.0 2016/6/15 A pressure sintering furnace dewaxing device
10 Utility Models CN201620040593.9 2016/6/1 A vacuum sintering furnace
Registration Number: 91430200578602016F
Registered Capital: 2,500,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2011-07-05      
Number Of Employees: 50-100
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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