Jiande City Weijia Technology Co., Ltd.


Jiande City Weijia Technology Co., Ltd.  is a professional manufacturer of powder metallurgy products, with high precision powder metallurgy oil bearing special forming machine and finishing machine, perfect testing equipment and experienced scientific research personnel, mainly produces copper, iron Based, iron and copper-based powder metallurgy oil bearing and various mechanical parts, the products are widely used in electric tools, electrical appliances, electrical appliances, instruments, automobiles, motorcycles, office equipment and other fields. According to JIS, DIN, MPIF, SAE, GB and other standards of production of various types of powder metallurgy products, I plant products are exported to the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, Singapore and other countries.

Our product quality, variety, service, price for the survival and development of the enterprise, the integrity of the supremacy; to ISO9001 quality system as a guide, careful management; high-quality products and services for the enthusiasm of supporting customers.
Jiande City Weijia Technology Co., Ltd. The original Jiande City Xinfeng powder metallurgy plant. Factories located in the economically developed in Hangzhou Jiande City, was established in 2001, with self-built plant 5,000 square meters, the annual production capacity of 500 tons.Technical department of the existing senior engineer, technical staff, quality control personnel and senior technical advisers to a variety of new products every day for the speed of different industries supporting.

The factory has its own mold room, automatic hydraulic machine, automatic mechanical press, shaping machine, mesh belt furnace, vacuum furnace, high precision EDM machine, lathe, melting furnace, CNC and other mold processing equipment.

Advantages: oil bearing, sintered gear and a variety of sintered mechanical structure parts and steel-based copper alloy bushings, steel cast copper sleeve, steel and copper composite sleeve, guide billet blank.

Quality control: universal testing machine, crushing test machine, density meter, hardness, metallographic analyzer, projector, spectrometer and so on.

Product Standards: All of the oil-bearing bearings manufactured by Weijia have long been in line with international standards for chemical and physical properties such as ASTM, JIS, DIN, MPIF, SAE, GB.

Main Products:   Powder Metallurgy Iron-based Structural Parts, Powder Metallurgy Power Tool Accessories, Powder Metallurgy Oil Bearing.

Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code:  91330182084571555N

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