Jiangyin City, Renben Metal Products Co., Ltd.


Jiangyin City, Renben Metal Products Co., Ltd.  plant in 2003, the products are widely used in cars, motorcycles, refrigerators and air conditioning compressors, power tools, household appliances and other industries. The company has advanced technology, a number of international standards of metal products production lines, combined with advanced metal products manufacturing technology and a large number of experienced technical and management personnel, to meet the needs of customers at all levels at home and abroad, to undertake all kinds of business from around the world Order. The company after years of research and development, has become a steam, locomotive metal products sintering machinery parts, power tools, household appliances, textile machinery parts, lock parts. The company is now actively for the major enterprises to provide high-quality products and supporting services, to become China’s first-class enterprises and work hard.

The company has a variety of advanced metal products, including equipment and mold manufacturing equipment. At the same time, the company attaches great importance to scientific and technological progress and new product development, the establishment of the metal products engineering technology center and mold center, can make all kinds of metal products mold, the production of powder metallurgy parts.

The company has advanced technology, advanced equipment, more powerful management system. The same time as the above-
The endless pursuit of quality is the company’s best commitment to quality.

Jiangyin City Renben Metal Products Co., Ltd. on behalf of people-oriented professional products of metal products. With years of experience in the production of metal parts, we deeply understand that our customers is our greatest wealth, with first-class technology, first-class design, first-class service and first-class management to the greatest extent possible to meet customer requirements.

Main Products:  Sintering Machinery Parts,  Power Tools,  Household Appliances, Textile Machinery Parts, Textile Machinery Parts, Lock Accessories.


Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code:  9132028175144063XW




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