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Jinchuan Group Co.,Ltd. Carbonylation Metallurgy Plant is a research and development and production unit of carbonylation metallurgy technology of Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd., with 10,000 tons / year carbonyl nickel, 5,000 tons / year carbonyl iron powder two production lines. Products are carbonyl nickel powder, carbonyl iron powder, carbonyl nickel pill, carbonyl nickel iron alloy powder four major categories of 16 varieties, the annual output value of 1.05 billion yuan, the whole plant employees 196 people.

Jinchuan Group in the “15” and “Eleventh Five-Year” period to rely on their own technical strength, breaking the foreign technology blockade, which lasted ten years to overcome the carbonylation of a series of core technology and engineering problems, key equipment and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, aerospace research And other units jointly developed. Has been invented, patent licensing 88, of which 13 patents, utility model 73, 2 designs.

Since entering the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, Jinchuan Group has continued to increase scientific and technological research, invested 1.4 billion yuan, built 10,000 tons / year carbonyl nickel, 5 thousand tons / year carbonyl iron powder production line, captured carbonyl nickel and carbonyl iron N0, N09, N11, N24 and N35 series of carbonyl nickel powder and F01, F02 type carbonyl iron powder products, in 2015 successfully entered the European and American markets. At the same time, Jinchuan Group is the world’s only one also owns carbonyl nickel and carbonyl iron production line of the company.

At present, the company carbonyl nickel and carbonyl iron production capacity are ranked second in the world, the products are widely used in stealth materials, microwave absorption, 3D printing, fuel cells and other fields, exported to Europe, North America, South Korea and other international markets.
With the progress of manufacturing technology, the application of ultrafine carbonyl iron powder has been further expanded, large-scale application in the field of magnetorheological fluid, so that the application of carbonyl iron powder has undergone a fundamental change. Jinchuan company by virtue of technology and scale advantages, with a number of well-known enterprises to form a strategic partnership, the market prospect is very broad.

Main Products: Carbonyl Nickel Powder, Carbonyl Iron Powder, Carbonyl Nickel Pellets, Carbonyl Nickel Iron Alloy Powder.

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