Jinyun Xinjian PM Factory

  • The new town of Ring Road 91,Jinyun County,Zhejiang Provice.
  • http://www.jycyj.com
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Jinyun Xinjian PM Factory was established in 1986, has more than 20 years of history. We specialize in producing all kinds of iron-based powder metallurgy parts and various stamping parts, skilled, well-equipped, has been to re-quality and trustworthy as the purpose of the factory. Although the scale is not great, but with considerable production capacity and technical capacity. External to undertake the high precision of the powder metallurgy spare parts and stamping parts production. Our products are widely used in various types of sewing machines, power tools, office tools, household appliances, hardware and other fields. We would like to our customers and common development and work together to create a better future!

Main Products: Iron Based Powder Metallurgy Products, PM Stamping Parts.

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