Kaisheng Sliding Bearing Co.,Ltd.


Kaisheng Sliding Bearing Co.,Ltd. as a specialist manufacturer of self-lubricating bearings company, we developed various kinds of bearings, including KSOB-10 metal-polymer self-lubricating composite bearings, KSOB-20 Metal-polymer marginal lubricating bearings, KSOB-800 Bi-metallic composite bearings, KSOB-090 Bronze wrapped bearings, KSOB650 Metallic self-lubricating bearings.
Application covered automotive industry, construction machinery, plastic manufacturing machinery, OA machinery, material handing equipment, dock side machinery and hydraulic transmission parts. The bearings can be used wherever there is rotation or linear motion between mechanical parts where lubricating is not allowed or external lubricating accessibility is limited.
KSOB Research and Development services are available to assist with unusual design problems. We are always ready to provide the optimal solutions and the best service.

Main Products: Metallic Self-Lubricating Bearings,Metal-Polymer Self-Lubricating Composite Bearings,Metal-Polymer Marginal Lubricating Bearings,Bi-Metallic Composite.

Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code: 9133042105281513X0

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