Linqing Xinhua Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd.

  • Kangzhuang Town Industrial Park,Linqing City,Shandong Province.
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Linqing Xinhua Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd. is located in Luxi Plain, founded in 1997, with 20 million yuan in fixed assets, covering 18,000 square meters, construction area of ​​6,000 square meters, 110 employees, the output value of 15 million, of which professional and technical personnel 26, is the powder metallurgy products specializing in the production of enterprises. (Qingdao) Tools Co., , Zibo Yongtai Motor Co., Ltd., Baoding Jianghui Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. (matching up and down the sleeve has been 8 years) and other large enterprises supporting the production. November 2012 through the China National Heavy Duty Truck Datong Gear Co., Ltd. assessment. Part of the powder metallurgy products are sold to Japan, Europe and other countries and regions.

Over the past few years, Linqing Xinhua powder metallurgy company uses advanced management methods, focus on scientific and technological innovation products, and strive to improve product quality, economic efficiency increased year by year. My company powder metallurgy products are divided into powder metallurgy auto parts, powder metallurgy electric car accessories, powder metallurgy medical equipment accessories, powder metallurgy elevator accessories, powder metallurgy agricultural machinery parts and other types, a total of 5 categories of more than 300 powder metallurgy products.

Our company has advanced mold manufacturing and production and processing equipment, powder metallurgy professional production equipment more than 200 sets, including: 63 tons of automatic press 4, 100 tons of automatic press 2, 200 tons of automatic press 3 , 315 tons of automatic press 2, 800 tons of automatic press 1, 20 tons of 80 tons of mechanical presses 1, CNC lathe 20, 2 sets of sintering furnace, steam treatment furnace 1, vacuum oiling machine 1 Taiwan, on-line detection of high-precision grinding machine 10, also has a large metallographic microscope, analytical balance and a series of sophisticated test equipment. Xinghua powder metallurgy company’s production of powder metallurgy products to meet the relevant national technical standards, powder metallurgy products in the production and services won the praise of users.

I adhere to the “quality of survival, technology and development” concept of survival, will be more high-quality products and the most complete after-sales service in good faith with all the friends to carry out extensive cooperation and work together to create a beautiful future!

Main Products: Powder Metallurgy Auto Parts, Pressure Roller Powder Metallurgy Parts,Wheel Hub Sensor Powder Metallurgy Parts, Automotive Pump Powder Metallurgy Accessories, Synchronizer Cone Ring Powder Metallurgy Parts, Powder Metallurgy Agricultural Machinery Parts, Green Roller Rolling Machine Powder Metallurgy Accessories, Shock Powder Metallurgy Parts, Powder Metallurgy Construction Machinery Parts, Powder Metallurgy Oil Bearing, Powder Metallurgy Gear, Pneumatic Tools Accessories, Other Powder Metallurgy Accessories.

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Unified Social Credit Code: 91371581X13709203T

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