Longkou Jingyi Industry And Trade Co.,Ltd.

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Longkou Jingyi Industry And Trade Co.,Ltd.  also has Longkou Jingyi  Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd. and Longkou City, Jingyi heat treatment center. Longkou City is the first in the powder metallurgy production enterprises, there are decades of experience in powder metallurgy production. The main production of more than 100 sets of equipment, automatic powder metallurgy mill 6 tons – 315 tons more than 20. Major production of copper-based, iron-based, stainless steel powder metallurgy products, all kinds of high-strength powder metallurgy structural parts, widely used In the textile machinery, power tools, automobile and motorcycle accessories, household appliances, hardware tools, woodworking machinery, printing machinery and other industries. Products exported to Japan, the United States, India, Singapore, and other countries.
Heat treatment center mainly for Longkou City and the surrounding counties and cities major auto parts factory to provide heat treatment and the factory powder metallurgy pieces of heat treatment, a fully automatic vacuum furnace. Net belt furnace. Carburizing furnace. High frequency furnace and other equipment.

Main Products:  Textile Powder Metallurgy Products, Ratchet Wrench Accessories, Auto ABS Magnetic Ring, Gears and Structural Parts, Auto Oil Pump Accessories, Copper Base Parts, Textile Machinery Accessories.


Enterprise Certification:Passed

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