Luoyang Golden Egret Geotools Co.,Ltd.

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Luoyang Golden Egret Geotools Co.,Ltd. founded in 2012, is wholly-owned by the listed company XIAMEN TUNGSTEN CO.,LTD(XTC). As a backbone cemented carbide enterprise of XTC with registered capital of 1.05 billion RMB and first investment of 1.3 billion RMB, GEOTOOLS specializes in producing high quality tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder, carbide anvils, carbide roll rings, carbide substrates for PDC bit, hard facing materials, mining drill bits and construction tools.

Main Products:

Tapered Drilling Tools,Threaded Drilling Tools,DTH Drilling Bits,Conical Picks,Cemented Carbide Particle,Cemented Carbide Roller.


No. Patent Type Number Release Date Abstract
1 Utility Models CN201621188542.7 2017/5/24 A high wear-resistant rotary tooth
2 Published CN201610730144.1 2017/2/15 The preparation method and application of a thermal spray coating material for boride ceramics
3 Published CN201610729515.4 2017/1/4 A preparation method of boride powder
4 Published CN201610709015.4 2016/12/14 Preparation method of a kind of reunite sintered hot spraying tungsten powder
5 Published CN201610709045.5 2016/11/9 A preparation method of spherical monocrystalline tungsten powder for thermal spraying
6 Published CN201610729551.0 2016/11/9 A steel cemented carbide and its preparation method
7 Utility Models CN201521127378.4 2016/8/10 A processing equipment with multi – axis drilling and gear – mounted synchronous processing
8 Utility Models CN201521127377.X 2016/6/22 A processing equipment with multi-axis milling and drilling synchronous processing
9 Published CN201511030809.X 2016/6/22 The preparation method and application of a boron tungsten
10 Utility Models CN201521127376.5 2016/6/8 A processing equipment with multi-axis turning and processing
11 Published CN201511030806.6 2016/6/8 A composite substrate product with a three-element composite gradient structure
12 Published CN201511030861.5 2016/6/1 The automatic forming device of a kind of hard alloy and its forming method
13 Published CN201511030864.9 2016/4/6 A preparation method and application of a thermal spray coating material for boron tungsten
14 Utility Models CN201420502063.2 2015/5/6 A pin drill with a slanting groove
15 Published CN201410441806.4 2014/12/10 A pin drill with a slanting groove
Registration Number: 91410300053364852T
Registered Capital: 1,050,000,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2012-08-29    
Number Of Employees: 100-500
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Stock Limited (Not Listed)
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