Ma’anshan Ruiqi Powder Metallurgy Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.

  • Huashan Industrial Park,Ma'anshan City,Anhui Province.
  • +86-555-8351225 / 18955508811


Ma’anshan Ruiqi Powder Metallurgy Materials Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in September 2010, located in Anhui Province Ma On Shan Cihu High-tech Zone (Huashan Industrial Park). The company is Ma’anshan scientific and technological enterprises, Anhui Province Powder Metallurgy Association governing units. The main production of 400 superfine pure iron powder, iron-based ultra-fine insulation composite powder, iron-based rust-free powder, no residue flame cutting powder, high-grade iron oxide red and so on. Products are widely used in electric power, inductance manufacturing, diamond embryo body, stainless steel sintering and other fields.

Main Products: Ultra-Fine Iron Powder,Iron-Based Ultra-Fine Insulation Composite Materials,Iron-Based Rust-Free Powder,No Residue Flame Cutting Powder,High-Grade Iron Oxide Red.

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