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Mianyang TMg Technologies Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in magnetic functional materials and application components to design, technology development, research, production and technology consulting, project investment analysis, business management planning, development and production and sales of electronic commerce provide special magnetoelectric functional materials and related application products and technical services integration of trade and industry of the joint-stock enterprises.

The company not only has its own electronic and magnetic materials and applied professional technology, enterprise planning and network technology team, and the marketing network is unimpeded;At the same time, the company brought together a group of electronic magnetic material research, development and production for many years, the application of electronic magnetic device design, the electromagnetic test equipment design and manufacture of experts, professors, have many years of experience in the actual production of technical experts, entrepreneurs, complementary advantages, qiangqiang cooperation at the same time attracted a large number of scientific research and production enterprises, and electronic materials related to the mainstream media cooperation “for collaborative team.The company is adhering to the concept of “steadfast, honest, innovative, and energetic”, taking the international view and standing at the forefront of The Times.Excellent talents and development achievements.

In mianyang, sichuan province, beautiful scenery, beautiful, and gathered the including China physics engineering research institute, southwest applied magnetics, China aerodynamics research and development center, these automation research institute and so on a large number of high technology research and development unit, the company relies on the abundant comprehensive strength of science and technology in mianyang, sichuan and many industrialized application of the comprehensive advantages of the enterprise, collect the resources and power, for the magnetic materials and application of industry and related industries to provide professional technology, information, products and services!

The company integrates the resources of various regions, besides sichuan, in Shanghai, zhejiang, shanxi and guangdong established the cooperative production base.Main production of manganese zinc and nickel zinc soft ferrite, microwave absorbing materials and anti-electromagnetic interference materials;Ndfeb, rubber plastic magnetic, samarium cobalt, aluminum nickel cobalt and all kinds of permanent magnet ferrite magnetic products.The soft magnetic materials are widely used in electronic information energy storage, conversion, transmission (inductance, electronic transformer, coil, sensor, etc.) and electromagnetic shielding and anti-electromagnetic interference.(sintered ndfeb/bonding) is widely used in brushless dc motor, permanent magnet motor, mahjong machine, electric cars, mobile phone vibration motor, synchronous motor, step motor, hand generator, buzzer, alarm, process gifts, bags, stationery toy and so on, samarium cobalt, aluminum nickel and cobalt is mainly used in instruments and meters, motors and some have special request for the working environment of mechanical equipment, ferrite tile is widely used in automobile motor, wiper, startup, warm wind, fuel pump and seat motor), magnetic control and massage chair on a stationary bike motors, magnetic rubber is mainly used for door seal, motor, magnetic refrigerator, magnetic phone book, magnetic chess, magnetic darts, magnetic car magnet magnetic advertising materials and gifts.Currently we have a year to provide 15000 tons of permanent magnetic ferrite, samarium cobalt 200 tons, 2000 tons of ndfeb and alnico 100 tons, 1500 tons of rubber magnetic, magnetic manganese zinc ferrite and nickel zinc ferrite the ability of 5000 tons, products are exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, southeast Asia and east Asia dozens of countries and regions, product quality by customers consistent high praise.

To meet your needs, we can provide you with special products and technical support:

Permanent magnet, samarium cobalt permanent magnet, alnico permanent magnet, ndfeb permanent magnet, permanent magnet ferrite, permanent magnetic ferrite multi-polar magnetic ring, and the application of magnetic, magnetic health care decorative products and technical support services.

Soft magnetic material – professional manganese zinc pot type core full specification series (P2.6 — P26), ni – zn radio frequency device magnetic core series, anti-electromagnetic interference single hole, porous, plate-line magnetic core series.

Absorbing materials – microwave darkroom, electromagnetic compatibility test room microwave absorbing material, microwave composite absorbing material, absorbing body, absorbing coating.

Magnetic materials – soft magnetic and permanent magnetic iron red, permanent magnet preheating, ndfeb rapid quenching magnetic powder.

Products are widely used in electric machinery, magnetic separation, magnetic therapy, audio, home appliances, modern communication, computer and peripheral equipment, electromagnetic interference resistance, switching power supplies, office automation, automatic control, green lighting, instrumentation, automotive electronics, military industry and so on the emerging field of electronic information.

Magnetic materials testing instruments, we can offer you meet the requirements of the international test standard soft magnetic (power loss tester, inductance tester), permanent magnet test equipment (automatic tester, rapid tester) and technical support.

Main Products:

Magnetic Field Observation Film, Microwave Heat Absorbing Material, Soft Magnetic Material, Bonded Ndfeb Raw Material, Permanent Magnet Ferrite Injection Material, High Conductivity Nickel Zinc Powder, Absorbing Material, Ferrite Composite Absorbing Material, Microwave Coated Magnetic Materials, Magnetic Filters, Magnetic Filters, Nickel-Zinc Soft Ferrite, Nickel-Zinc RF Broadband Ferrite, EMC Materials, Manganese Zinc Soft Ferrite , Special Manganese Zinc Cans Small And Medium-Sized Core, Supporting Accessories, Rare Earth Ndfeb Permanent Magnet, Sintered Ndfeb, Bonded Ndfeb, Injection Ndfeb, Samarium Cobalt Permanent Magnet, Alnico Permanent Magnet, Sintered Aluminum Nickel-Cobalt, Bonded Nickel-Nickel-Cobalt, Aluminum-Nickel-Cobalt Magnetic Powder, Permanent Magnet Ferrite Ornament Beads, Ferrite Tiles And Shaped Magnets, Permanent Magnet Ferrite Rubber Magnetic.

Unified Social Credit Code: 9151070078669690X0  
Registered Capital: 300,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2006/5/16
Number Of Employees: 50-100
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited liability company
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