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Nantong Xuri Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd. After more than 10 years of development to become a specialized production of powder metallurgy manufacturers and machine tools with lubrication cycloid pump, paraffin casting, precision casting, the company’s main products for the one-way / Copper-based, iron-copper-based, iron-based series of oil-bearing and powder metallurgy structure. Our company’s cycloidal pump structure is simple, low noise, smooth oil, self-priming performance, good high-speed characteristics, the The pump is characterized by the following: The pump is suitable for the low pressure continuous or intermittent oil lubrication in the lubrication system. For the machine tool, the textile machinery, the printing machinery, the light industry Machinery and other special application; the company’s copper-based, iron-based, iron-based series of oil-bearing and powder metallurgy structural parts, precision casting products are widely used in household appliances, motorcycles, motor vehicles, power tools. Customer drawings processing.

We are a wholly-owned founder of the powder metallurgy parts of the production-oriented enterprises, the company is located in the beautiful city of the ancient city of Hai’an, the company has imported from Japan advanced production technology, the company’s existing molding equipment more than 60 Taiwan, four sintering furnace, processing All kinds of spare parts machine tool equipment, and some modern cycloid pump mold processing equipment. Company employees more than 100 people, there are more than 10 technical staff of senior technical staff, a senior engineer, with – the research and development capabilities. The company has been established for many years to develop iron-based, copper-based, iron-copper-based, and a variety of mechanical structural parts products. Products are widely used in household appliances, power tools, food machinery, forestry machinery, micro-motors, internal combustion engines, . The annual production capacity has reached 8 million, the ability to undertake large quantities of large orders for delivery.

We have enjoyed a certain reputation in the industry and over the years gradually formed with powder metallurgy structural parts, precision casting and cycloid pump-oriented, in order to create value for the purpose of customers, and constantly develop new products, and constantly in-depth business management, And domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers cooperation. Rising sun brand more and more favored by the majority of customers.

Main Products: Cycloidal Series Of Powder Metallurgy,Series Of Powder Metallurgy Copper Series, Owder Metallurgy Sleeve Series.

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