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NBTM New Materials Group Co.,Ltd. is currently the largest and most comprehensive capacity of the powder metallurgy machinery parts manufacturing enterprises, the first domestic powder metallurgy machinery parts production industry-based listed companies, but also “national key high-tech enterprises ” The company’s total share capital of more than 425 million shares. The company’s main business includes the production and sale of powder metallurgy machinery parts and soft magnetic metal powder core. At present, the company has eight holding subsidiaries or wholly-owned subsidiaries with powder metallurgy machinery parts and metal powder core production industry. At the end of 2016 The company’s total assets of more than 2.8 billion yuan, the total capacity of more than 50,000 tons / year. Products are widely used in cars, motorcycles, refrigerators and air conditioning compressors, power tools, household appliances and other industries, some of which products exported to the United States, Japan and Europe and other countries and regions. The company has more than 50 years of experience in powder metallurgy professional production, including CNC forming press, including a set of international advanced powder metallurgy production equipment and technology; the same time, the company attaches great importance to scientific and technological progress and new product development, the company’s engineering Center, mold manufacturing center, and the new materials powder metallurgy research institute for the company to develop high-end powder metallurgy parts to provide technical support and mold production protection. In 2014, the company’s engineering and technology center by the National Development and Reform Commission and other five ministries identified as “state-level enterprise technology center.” The company continued to strengthen the management system, and in 1997 passed the ISO9002 quality system certification, in 2002 passed the QS9000 and VDA6.1 quality system certification in 2004 the company was ISO9001 and ISO / TS16949 quality system certification, 2010 The company obtained ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.

Main Products: Car EngineCar,Gearbox,Car Chassis,Home Appliance Parts.

Enterprise Certification´╝ÜPassed

Unified Social Credit Code: 91330200610271537C

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