Ningbo Chenshi powder metallurgy Co.,Ltd.


Ningbo Chenshi powder metallurgy Co.,Ltd. to use the wealth of expertise and production experience, after nearly ten years of

development, the company is currently the main application of powder metallurgical product and service areas: Automobile shock absorber piston, valve parts, powder metallurgy, guide; gasoline engine, diesel engine and other internal combustion engine using powder metallurgy valve seat, valve guide; refrigerator compressor in powder metallurgy parts – valve plate, connecting rod, piston; powder metallurgy products – copper infiltration bevel gear, copper nuts for various traffic auxiliary equipment; spur gear, supporting various types of gear box and transmission mechanism of double gears, pulleys, powder metallurgy parts of bevel gear, gear pump and a variety of automobile.
The company was founded in 2005, registered capital of 2775000 yuan, now has from 16T to full automatic powder metallurgy of various tonnage 315T pressing production equipment and shaping equipment; nitrogen atmosphere protection net belt type continuous sintering furnace; steam treatment furnace, NC machining, grinding machine, mesh belt continuous cleaning machines and other products follow-up processing equipment, to establish a complete physical and chemical testing equipment and perfect testing equipment the size of form and position. The company has mold processing workshop, the main equipment has high precision processing equipment imported from Switzerland, Shamir electric spark line cutting, grinding machine and other advanced, to meet the new customer development and mass production of high precision molds to ensure.
The company always adhere to the “create value for customer service, to win their own health and development” business philosophy, to build a “harmonious and pragmatic, learning competition” echelon personnel training system, “the production of professional collaboration, giving priority to efficiency, saving resources” control for security, constantly absorbing domestic and foreign outstanding production technology and management mode, make unremitting efforts to improve the self – strength, we sincerely provide high quality, and price of the products for clients from all walks of life.

Main Products: Automotive Applications,Engine Valve Seat Tube,Automobile Shock Absorber Parts,Other Automobile Parts,Automobile Parts,Application Of Electrical Components,Air-Conditioning Compressor Parts,Tool Accessory,Mechanical And Electrical Parts,Tool Accessory,Pulley,The Gear Reducer,Bevel Gear,Duplicate Gear,Special Gear,Straight Gear,Honor,Production Equipment,Testing And Production Equipment,Powder Metallurgy Process.

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