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Porite is a trade mark of of porite group. It stands for high precise and quality powder metallurgy machine parts and oilless bearings. Forty years‘ development and research have taken a very active role in the powder metallurgy industry and its products have been also used in such manufacturing industries as automobiles, home appliances, business appliances, power tool and so on.

Porite Yangzhou Technology & Industry Co.,Ltd. is a joint venture co – founded in March, 1993 by Porite hongkong and Yangzhou powder Metallurgy Factory. With advanced equipments and skilled workers and to be the leader in P / M industry, she believes that she can provide excellent products and services to all the customers and end – users.

Company Dogma:

Honesty and technology are the roots of our company and we all take pride in it.

Company Philosophy:

keep the business in a leading position by continuous progress
Greate and share the profits with our customers and all the employee
Endeavour in technological innovation and head for being an international business.
Cultivate an excellent staff and encourage total participation in management

Main Products: Pulley In Auto Enginc,Piston In Shock Absorber,Inner And Outer Geroter,Driven Gear In Motorcycle Engine,Adapter And Block In Agricultural Machine,Vibrating Block In Pager,Lever In Sewing Machine,Gear Box Of Power Tool,Bearing Plate In Wood Working Machine,Bearing Used In CD And DVD,Bushing In Electrical Product,Rolling Gear In Shredder Machine.

Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code: 91321091749437044A

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