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Shandong Beifang Haitai New Material Co., Ltd. Is China north industries group DiWuSan institute’s immediate subordinate enterprises, the company began in 1983, the 863 plan research, is the birthplace of MIM technology, has been the industry known as “huangpu military academy” metal injection molding process.

At present, the company has advanced constant sintering furnace, small professional screw diameter metal feed injection machine, 3 d testing equipment, can undertake stainless steel, ceramics, iron base, copper fund belongs to the powder injection molding products. Excellent product quality is our survival. Beifang Haitai grows up the process of serving customers and working with customers continuously! We are ready to meet every challenge with our hearts and efforts. The company’s business has been well received by customers, industry and society, and has established a brand image of business mastery, efficient management, active service and good results.

Technical concept:
Metal powder injection molding (MIM) technology is the product of interpenetration and crossover of plastic forming process, polymer chemistry, powder metallurgy and metal materials. The mould can be used to inject forming blank pieces and make high-density, high-precision and three-dimensional complex shape parts by sintering. It is a new change in manufacturing technology industry that can quickly and accurately materialize the design thought into products with certain structure and functional characteristics, and can produce the parts directly in large quantities.

Metal injection molding (MIM) features:
(1) the products with MIM process can be made up to the final dimensions with high precision. To overcome the disadvantages of low density of traditional powder metallurgy process products, uneven material, thin wall, small structure and complex parts.
(2) the alloying flexibility is good, for hard, brittle, hard cutting material, part geometry high degrees of freedom, stamping parts require uniform density, relative density of 95% or more, its performance can be comparable with forging material, especially the excellent dynamic performance;
(3) easy to adopt a mode of multi-cavity mold, forming of high efficiency, high material utilization, can achieve 98% above, particularly suitable for mass production of small metal parts, complex and has special requirements.
Technical advantages:
The special forming process makes it easy to make parts that have not been realized by traditional processing methods in the past, such as the various parts in the weapon weapon.
The special forming process can free designers from traditional machining methods, and can be bold in designing complex parts.

Common material system:
Involving stainless steel materials such as: MC 17-4ph, MC 316; Iron base alloy materials such as: MC 4605 low alloy steel, MC 2700 low alloy steel, MC5368 martensitic aging steel; Tungsten-base alloys such as: MC 5351 tungsten nickel copper alloy, MC 5352 tungsten nickel alloy and ceramic materials
Application field
Auto parts, medical equipment, weapon parts, hardware tools, tool parts, hard alloy.
Shandong Beifang Haitai new material co., Ltd. Is a vibrant and prosperous enterprise. We adhering to the “law-abiding, people-oriented” the guiding ideology, advocating “integrity, respect, self-supervision, seek common” spirit of enterprise, adhere to “develop, improve, activate, multidimensional” the management policy, in accordance with the “boil fresh powers such as governing” small SiXun, efforts to achieve “the systematized, scientific decision-making, management, standardization, procedural, standardized efficiency” of the collectivization development goals.

Main Products:

Tungsten Alloy Parts, Iron Based Parts Products, Stainless Steel Parts Products, Special Souvenirs, Parts Products Display.

Registration Number: 91370105660154523G
Registered Capital: 13,800,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2007-03-07    
Number Of Employees: 50-100
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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