Shandong Jinzhu Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Shandong Jinzhu Materials Technology Co.,Ltd. (Originally known as Shandong Jinzhu Powder Injection Manufacturing Co.,Ltd) was established in 1996. It is a high-tech enterprise who is the first specialized in metal powder injection molding (abbreviated as MIM) technology industrialization studies and generalization applications.

The company has the largest ,highly skilled and experienced engineer teams in china domestic MIM industry.It’s own complete sets of production equipment,such as advanced molding,de-binding , sintering, post-treatments and like.It has achieved ISO9001、ISO14001、ISO/TS16949 system certifications.It possessed standard management of enterprises and runs high-efficiently.The company has the ability of producing various categories of products ,such as Iron-nickel alloy,Stainless steel alloy,High-density alloy and Hard alloy.It can manufacture precise parts in a range of 0.02g to 200g.The density of the pieces can reach more than 98% of metal theoretical density.

Its products have been widely used in the fields of Tool industry,Medical appliance,Machine manufacturing industry,watch industry,Electronic&Telecom industry,Automotive industry and the like,and sold well in European and American markets.The industrialization generalization application of the company’s MIM technology and the joint efforts of customers have created good economic benefits and social benefits.

Main Products:

Automotive Industry,Electronic and Telecom Industry,Mechanical & hardware Industry, Medical Industry,Special Materials,Precision MIM Parts.


No. Patent Type Number Release Date Abstract
1 Authorization CN201510202131.2 2017/1/4 A metal powder injection molding used wax base binder
2 Published CN201510202131.2 2015/7/29 A metal powder injection molding used wax base binder
3 Utility Models CN201420574230.4 2015/2/11 Catalytic deadhesive furnace
4 Utility Models CN201420575001.4 2015/2/11 Material mixer
5 Utility Models CN201420575883.4 2015/2/11 Quenching furnace
6 Utility Models CN201420574227.2 2015/2/11 Fatigue tester
7 Utility Models CN201420574925.2 2015/2/11 Extraction of the furnace
8 Utility Models CN201420575712.1 2015/2/11 Insurance plastic tooling
9 Utility Models CN201420575477.8 2015/2/11 Curved needle block plastic tooling
10 Utility Models CN201420575253.7 2015/2/11 Distillation furnace
Registration Number: 91371425592639173J
Registered Capital: 10,000,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2012-03-23        
Number Of Employees: 100-500
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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