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ShangHai Future High-Tech Co.,Ltd. is located in Shanghai, Future High-tech have been focusing on manufacturing MIM products since it was founded in 1999. Now Future High-tech is the leading world advanced MIM&CIM producer in China. We apply MIM&CIM technology to produce complex three-dimensional structural and mass functional components to different industries customers with excellent quality and cost effective which provide a highly support for our customers to enhance their market competitiveness.
In 2001, Future High-tech was confirmed as one of the Shanghai High-tech Companies. In 2013, Shanghai government awarded us “ Little Technical Giant Enterprise”. And passed the ISO/TS16949:2009、ISO9001:2009、ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS18001:2011. Since 1999, Future High-tech get a fast rapid of development, Nowadays, the main equipments to produce MIM&CIM parts has more than 500 sets . the output & revenue & capacity are at advanced level in international MIM&CIM industry. With 17 years of mass production and thousands parts development experience, Future high-tech now win more and more recognise from the international customers with its steable quality.

Main Products:

Automotives parts, Electronic parts, Tolling & Industry parts, Communication & Medical parts.


No. Patent Type Number Release Date Abstract
1 Utility Models CN201621207143.0 2017/5/31 A fully automatic measuring machine
2 Utility Models CN201621207144.5 2017/5/17 A fully automatic setting machine
3 Utility Models CN201621207145.X 2017/5/17 A convenient desktop-type rotary machine
4 Utility Models CN201620458631.2 2016/11/30 A piece of anti-bias cover
5 Published CN201610331437.2 2016/8/31 A fully automated laser repair technology
6 Published CN201510202376.5 2015/9/9 A spot welding cap aluminum structure
7 Utility Models CN201520257636.4 2015/9/9 An automatic shaping machine
8 Utility Models CN201520257637.9 2015/9/9 A spot welding cap aluminum structure
9 Utility Models CN201520257550.1 2015/9/9 A handy way out of the oven
10 Utility Models CN201520266631.8 2015/8/5 A type of movable type of catto
11 Published CN201510209820.6 2015/7/29 A type of movable type of catto

Software Copyright:

No. Name Number Release Date
1 Fuyouchi powder metallurgical products automatic scraping system 2017SR489424 2017/9/5
2 Fuyouchi powder metallurgical sintering system 2017SR489029 2017/9/5
3 The hydraulic compensation system of fuyouchi powder metallurgy forming equipment 2017SR488394 2017/9/5
4 The cooling system of the vacuum degreasing sintering furnace for fuyouchi metal powder injection 2017SR489384 2017/9/5
5 Fuyouchi powder metallurgy gear processing automatic feeding system 2017SR489123 2017/9/5
6 Fuyouchi high efficiency powder metallurgy iron powder use anti – error system 2017SR489196 2017/9/5
7 Fuyouchi powder coating powder recycling system 2017SR489226 2017/9/5
8 The converter automatic control system of fuyouchi sinter 2017SR489377 2017/9/5
9 A system of automatic gas control equipment for sintering furnace 2017SR187188 2017/5/18
10 Fuyouchi powder metallurgy intelligent control software 2015SR097921 2015/6/4
11 Fuyouchi powder metallurgical sintering furnace temperature control system 2015SR098318 2015/6/4
12 Fuyouchi powder metallurgical sintering furnace working status monitoring software 2015SR098350 2015/6/4
13 Fuyouchi powder metallurgy mould design system software 2015SR098233 2015/6/4
14 Fuyouchi metal powder injection molding embedded control software 2015SR098502 2015/6/4
15 Fuyouchi metal injection molding tool control system 2015SR098499 2015/6/4
Registration Number: 914403000846113774
Registered Capital: 5,000,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2013-11-22 
Number Of Employees: 500-1000
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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