Shanghai Ji Ling powder metallurgy plant

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Shanghai Ji Ling powder metallurgy plant, Powder metallurgy production is a little less cutting of the new technology, the use of powder metallurgy production of powder metallurgy products, with high production efficiency, less processing time, low cost, wear and tear materials, and other advantages. The material utilization rate is 40-50% or less when manufacturing parts by general cutting, while the material utilization of the powder metallurgy method is more than 95% and in many cases iron-based powder metallurgy bushings are used instead of copper alloy bushings , Thus saving a lot of non-ferrous metals, and the production of parts of the product performance is smooth, wear-resistant, high precision, and other metal cutting methods of manufacturing parts with significant economic benefits. So the powder metallurgy method is more and more industries choose, as early as in the 1960s Shanghai machine tool industry, Shanghai Automotive Steel Spring Factory, Shanghai Diesel Engine Factory, Shanghai Vacuum Pump Factory, Shanghai Power Tools Factory and a number of state-owned enterprises took the lead in powder metallurgy, Use so far, produced a great economic benefits.

In recent years, the powder metallurgy industry has leapt to a new stage into the fast lane, the domestic powder metallurgy should follow the market economy development law, new enterprises mushroomed, the old enterprises continue to grow and develop, especially since the reform and opening up, foreign-funded enterprises In the domestic investment and development, powder metallurgy products have been accepted by most of the hardware manufacturing manufacturers, including auto parts, motorcycle parts, home appliances accounted for nearly 70% of the proportion, and continue to extend to the field of high technology. Superhard cutting tools heat-resistant parts, atomic energy reactors, aerospace cutting-edge technology has powder metallurgy parts. Powder metallurgy process more and more mature, powder metallurgy products use more and more widely.

Shanghai Ji Ling powder metallurgy plant powder metallurgy production to iron-based, copper-based two categories of products based, I plant convenient transportation, well-equipped, detection means complete, strong technical force, has more than 10 years experience in the production of powder metallurgy.

Enterprises to more dedicated service attitude, flexible mode of operation for the industry supporting services, welcomed the overwhelming majority of users 来人 letter ordering, business negotiations, regardless of business size, product specifications special, well-designed, well-made, and make customer satisfaction.

Main Products: Pump Piston Accessories,Aluminum Cutting Machine Pressure Plate,Pulley Sample,SL-125 Iron Bushing SL-90 Copper Bushing,Auto Parts, Wick Horn Jaws,All Kinds Of Gears, All Kinds Of Wiring Blocks,Pressure Plate Stone Cutting Press Plate.

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