Shanghai Natural Diamond Tools Factory

Shanghai Natural Diamond Tools Factory is a well-known manufacturer of high quality diamond abrasive knife, diamond pen, wheel cutter, wheel dressing tool manufacturer, is also the main non-standard custom grinding wheel dressing tool base. With high-quality wheel knife, a high efficiency, less a trouble. Grinding high-end products, you need a high-quality grinding wheel knife.

I plant specializing in grinding wheel dressing diamond tool production and development of the manufacturers, 20 years dedicated to focus on the development of diamond tools for high-tech-oriented, has now formed a large-scale semi-automatic professional production advantages, dozens of well-known enterprises designated as supporting fixed-point supply Cargo unit. Enterprises through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. Is the development of CNC grinding machine for supporting the formation of diamond repair knife, forming dressing wheel, the company’s high-quality products, CNC grinding machine has become a high-tech grinding machine grinding wheel of the preferred tool. The main products are: diamond pen | diamond pen | diamond wheel knife | natural diamond wheel knife | wheel dressing pen | grinding wheel repair knife | single crystal turning | diamond wheel | PCD / CBN blade | diamond turning tool.

Products are mainly used in the major parts of the automobile manufacturing, all kinds of bearing industry, textile machinery gear, petroleum machinery, cylinder head, piston, piston ring, bearing, power tools, the amount of cutting tool industry, aviation industry, abrasive mold industry, Bar rails and other bulk molding processing and non-ferrous metal finishing enterprises.
corporate philosophy:
People – oriented shape of corporate culture, quality for the root to create brand – name products
Create a healthy relationship between supply and demand to create a true brand integrity

Main Products:

High Quality Natural Diamond Wheel Knife ,CNC Grinding Machine Diamond Forming Knife ,Single Point Diamond Pen ,Multi – Point Diamond Pen Dresser ,Striped Pencil Dresser (Sheet) ,Block Pencil Finisher (Piece) ,Diamond Wheel ,Diamond Angle Knife ,Copper /Aluminum / Steel Industry / Paper Industry With The Pen ,Large Wheel / Air Hole Grinding Wheel With Diamond Pen ,Gear Industry With Diamond Pen ,Crankshaft Industry With Diamond Pen ,Bearing Industry With Diamond Pen ,The Auto Parts Industry With Diamond Pen ,Aerospace Industry With Diamond Pen ,Diamond Pen For Steam Turbine Manufacturing ,Machine Tool Industry With Diamond Pen ,Machinery Manufacturing Industry With Diamond Pen ,Piston Ring Industry With Diamond Pen ,Oil Pump Nozzle Industry With Diamond Pen ,Roller Grinding Machine With Diamond Pen ,Cylindrical Pen With Cylindrical Grinder ,Grinding With Diamond Pen ,Grinding With Diamond Pen ,Centerless Grinding With Diamond Pen ,Peripheral End Face / Forming Grinding Diamond Pen ,Thread Grinding / Tool Grinding With Diamond Pen ,Large Water Mill With Diamond Pen ,Diamond Measuring Head ,Diamond Indenter ,Diamond Turning Tools ,Natural Diamond Particles.

Registration Number: 9131011463138854XL
Registered Capital: 350,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 1999-05-14 
Number Of Employees: 50-100
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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