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Shanghai Zili Industrial Co., Ltd. Was established in January 2007, is committed to using metal powder injection molding technology (abbreviated as MIM, is a kind of near net shape, high efficiency and energy saving of the metal parts batch manufacturing technology) the production of various three-dimensional structure components and function of complex shape, high performance parts, at the same time is committed to upgrading the level of metal powder injection molding technology and application of promotion. Zili is one of the first MIM enterprises in China and the first batch of professional MIM products manufacturers in the Yangtze river delta region. At the same time, with the continuous development of company and business scope is expanding constantly, the child made the company has been able to communications, electronics, automotive, hardware, medical, machinery, watches and clocks, and other industries provide cost-effective mass, stability good small and complex metal parts, and is willing to make positive contributions to the development of China’s MIM technology.

Companies adhere to the “science and technology as the power, strives for the survival by the quality” principle, the development of continuous improvement and strengthening in the field of comprehensive competitive advantage, in time for the customer to provide excellent quality and reasonable price products, fostering and developing more areas. The company agglomerates and develops a group of experienced and professional technical personnel, has the formidable technical force. Our technical team and marketing team are committed to providing customers with good solutions and high quality services. Through the joint efforts of all staff, the company’s existing product quality has reached the international advanced level, and has been praised unanimously.

Main Products:

Stainless Steel Products,Iron-Based Series,Carbide Series,Tungsten Alloy Series.


No. Patent Type Number Release Date Abstract
1 Utility Models CN201420254139.4 2014/9/24 To return to the editor


Registration Number: 91310113797077426D
Registered Capital: 1,000,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2007-01-23    
Number Of Employees: 50-100
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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