Shenzhen City Juzhong Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd.

  • Longhua Shangzao village B14,Longhua New District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province.
  • +86-755-61673956 / +86-13823220728


Shenzhen City Juzhong Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd. located in Longhua New District, Shenzhen, the main commitment to product development and sales. Specializing in the production of powder metallurgy spare parts and to provide customers with satisfactory service.

Our products are mainly used in: auto parts, mobile phone shell, mobile phone keys, accessories, lock accessories, household appliances accessories, computer accessories, car DVD gear, car resistance gears, gearbox gear, coffee bean grinder, fiber interface, jewelry , Garden tools accessories, metal steering gear, camera stainless steel powder alloy gasket, minimally invasive medical pliers, sewing car parts and so on.

Quality service: to help customers new product development, 24-hour customer feedback to solve the problem, a full range of after-sale tracking service. Advantages of products: 1. All kinds of gears, special parts, beauty salon blade accessories 2. Small shape, complex and high technical requirements of various shapes of metal parts. Company products are also exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries, has been widely praised. Companies adhering to the “to provide customers with high quality and reasonable price of powder metallurgy products and services,” the purpose, to build China’s powder metallurgy industry well-known brands! Welcome domestic and international customer advice and cooperation.

Main Products: Precision Metal Injection Molding (MIM) And Powder Suppression (PM) Hardware Products, Copper, Iron, Stainless Steel Precision Die-Casting, Powder Metallurgy Gears, Plastic Gears, Ceramic Gears. As Well As Iron-Based Powder Metallurgy, Copper-Based Powder Metallurgy, Stainless Steel Powder Metallurgy And Other Types Of Powder Metallurgy Pieces.

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