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Shenzhen Element Technology Co., Ltd. was established in February 2014, is specialized in iron-based, stainless steel, carbide, high-density (specific gravity) tungsten alloy, copper and other metal powder metallurgy materials injection molding product development, production and Sales of precision, three-dimensional complex shape and has a special performance requirements of the metal parts of the high-tech enterprises, the company is the National Nonferrous Metals Standardization Technical Committee – powder metallurgy sub-technical committee members.

At the beginning of the establishment of the company, won the Shenzhen Xinwei Communication Co., Ltd. strategic injection, product and customer resources to enable the company to further consolidate the existing product leading edge and customer cooperation viscosity, enhance the company’s influence in the industry, speed up internationalization Customer development.

Company is located in Shenzhen Baoan Shajing Street, South Road, No. 465, the industrial environment is good, the surrounding facilities are complete, the Association of many enterprises, convenient transportation, according to the needs of products on time, quickly reach the hands of customers. Company products are mainly used in communications, electronics, military, automotive, medical equipment manufacturing and other industries.

The company from the field of powder metallurgy leading personnel and a number of metal injection molding industry in more than 10 years of senior R & D and manufacturing personnel to form an efficient R & D design, manufacturing team, the company has applied for nearly 30 patents. Has a full set of imported metal injection molding production and testing equipment, to provide customers with superior quality, delivery on time and the price of highly competitive services.

Aimeng Te is committed to become a market demand-oriented, rapid response to customer demand for high-quality modern manufacturing companies to create “powder metallurgy first-class enterprise” for the mission, through technological innovation and continuous improvement, to create value for customers, Accumulation of talent “,” scientific and technological innovation “and” customer-oriented “, and constantly enhance the company’s brand image and market position.

At present the company take the road of military and civilian integration, based on the metal powder injection molding of the outstanding technical process. Companies in science and technology is the basis of the first productive forces, adhere to the development of the eyes to see the problem, the continuous expansion of production facilities and the most advanced testing equipment, the introduction of high-tech talent, and constantly enhance the MIM technology, technological innovation, Excellent scientific research, production team! For customers and shareholders continue to create value, to achieve the vision of the future.

Simplify complex issues and propose effective solutions to create value for customers, employees and shareholders. In order to achieve this goal, we must understand the needs of customers, using the most advanced production technology, excellent talent, scientific technology, while creating a vibrant atmosphere for innovation. Innovation allows us to create more value for customers, better benefits and short production cycle, high quality products. We strive to improve ourselves and do our best to reward our customers, employees, shareholders and society. We insist: the devout heart will be the right thing to do the best!

Main Products:

Stainless Steel Injection Molding Parts, Titanium Injection Molding Parts, Aluminum Alloy Injection Molding Parts, Alloy Steel Injection Molding Parts.


No. Patent Type Number Release Date Abstract
1 Authorization CN201510602595.2 2017/6/23 A method for preparing heterogeneous complex parts using powder injection forming technology
2 Utility Models CN201521114946.7 2016/8/3 A fixture for the shape of a frame in a cell phone
3 Utility Models CN201521066992.4 2016/6/22 A die – line – insert stitching mechanism
4 Utility Models CN201521114941.4 2016/5/18 A treatment tool used to remove water from the injection molding
5 Utility Models CN201521119686.2 2016/5/11 A plastic mould of a square frame blank
6 Utility Models CN201521114944.8 2016/5/11 A treatment tool for cutting out the flow of injected pieces
7 Utility Models CN201521032817.3 2016/4/20 A tool for testing the dimensions of conductive products
8 Utility Models CN201521032865.2 2016/4/20 A clamping device used for batch cutting of water holes in plastic parts
9 Published CN201510982740.4 2016/3/23 A metal powder injection molding method with inverted structure products
10 Utility Models CN201520870912.4 2016/3/9 An adjustable universal flat gauge
11 Published CN201510739348.7 2016/3/9 A manufacturing method for conducting copper pipes with internal grooves
12 Utility Models CN201520870950.X 2016/3/2 A pass gauge used to measure the width and width of parts
13 Published CN201510739863.5 2016/1/20 A method for the preparation of porous conductive copper tubes by powder extrusion forming technology
14 Published CN201510740668.4 2016/1/20 A method to control the carbon oxygen content of powder metallurgical products
15 Published CN201510739918.2 2016/1/13 The processing method of frame signal groove in mobile phone metal
16 Published CN201510655496.0 2015/12/30 A method of making a frame in a cell phone using a powder injection molding technique
17 Published CN201510602595.2 2015/12/2 A method for preparing heterogeneous complex parts using powder injection forming technology
Registration Number: 91440300088473020Q
Registered Capital: 22,370,900.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2014-02-18  
Number Of Employees: 500-1000
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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